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First established in 1877 as a trademark for a breakfast cereal, Quaker Oats has been providing classic consistent to America and other areas of the world for over 130 years. Quaker Oats today offers a variety of products ranging from rice crackers to granola bars to oatmeal.

There are more than 40 sub-brands under their name. No courtesy of a press release on this one or any information, Quaker Oats has recycled through two new logo redesigns in the past two years. Recently a new application of the logo came in the form of not so exciting new packaging to back up the new logo.

The first one was introduced in 2010 and was trying to promote a “lighter” side of the company. With Archer font and Mr. Quaker peeking out and crowded in between I am not a fan of this logo at all, it feels too thin. This time the thick font is back in 2012, but Mr. Quaker has lost some weight. In my opinion they need to lose the detailed paint job and go back to an updated retro look that they had back in 1972.


I had high hopes for this rebrand thinking it was for fixing mistakes. Strictly because back in the Summer of 2010 I recall The Quaker Oats company releasing Retro Cap’n Crunch boxes. Amongst an isle of over beveled fronts and unnecessary gradients the retro style seemed like a great move for the packaging in general. There was a new level of fun about the cereal that was missing in the modern day. I was worried because Quaker Oats is a Pepsi-Co owned company and their marketing decisions have been very shaky in the past years.

I was hoping with this new brand Quaker Oats found a new medium between modernisms and retro and I have to say I was quite disappointed in the new rebrand.

Upon further research, I found that with the new logo rebrand they have been jumping around with this same concept for years continuously returning to the style. Based on the logo evolution that I’ve compiled below it seems like they are doing nothing new, just recycling the same idea over and over instead of improving it. Although I do like the new logo. It’s vibrant, and I like the new type, but they have taken the weight off the Quaker man and I find he is a little creepy now instead of friendly like the old version.



The disappointing part about this rebrand is the logo. The application of the logo is a nice ribbon effect, which sits proud at the top of the new box, along with a glow effect behind it and subtle shadow work below.


The box looks to me like a knock off brand made by a supermarket. It brings no excitement to the table and is a big step down from the previous application. I think the use of white space is really off and lacks all fun and excitement.


With no press release and no further information, it just makes this whole rebrand that much worse. To take matters even further Quaker Oats has currently had bad press with misleading packaging which may have lead to the redesign. Read more about it in this article below.

Quaker Oats Motion to Dismiss Trans-Fat Lawsuit Rejected

A court in Illinois, USA has rejected Quaker Oats’ motion to have a deceptive advertising case against it dismissed and has halted proceedings until four similar actions in California are resolved. To read more follow thread here.

All in all I must say I love Quaker Oats products and I especially love Oatmeal Squares. A product of this quality deserves amazing packaging. At least bring some excitement to the table rather than just putting your mascot on a diet and calling it a day.