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Design plays a huge part in global events, but on a smaller scale anyone can get involved and inspired by design as part of Random Project 2012. The project, which first ran as part of the London Design Festival, invites the public to design a postcard relating to an aspect of Olympic host city London, the forthcoming Olympics, or 2012.

The Random Project is a concept to showcase an ever-increasing number of postcards created by the public and designers alike. As the run up to the 2012 Olympics gains momentum, the spirit of London 2012 can be celebrated through a visual documentation of a shared cultural experience. It is a rare opportunity for everyone to partake and “become the artists-in-residence for a historic year” (via Random Project).

The project works by a participants emailing their expression of interest and being assigned a random word related to either 2012, the Olympics or London. A set of full instructions is given along with the designated word, and after creating a response in the form of a postcard the artwork is submitted. A virtual gallery will be open from 1st February 2012 to showcase the amassed design responses and allow participants to have their work viewed in a public forum online. An offline exhibition is planned for later in the year.

The Random Project initially began as part of the London Design Festival in 2006 and was organized by designers Sarah Hyndman of With Relish. Claire Mason from Flushleft and Becky Chilcott of Becky Chilcott Design. Hyndman taught at the London College of Communication (formerly London College of Print) and the idea arose as part of the Experimental Typography course on which she taught. Sarah has worked in the Graphic Design industry for 18 years, as a creative consultant for agencies such as Hill & Knowlton, Landor Associates and Ammunition, where she worked for clients including Adidas, Children in Need and Penguin Books. (via With Relish). Sarah studied a MA Graphic Design Degree in Typo/Graphics at the LCC before being invited back to teach.

Random was, in the first instance, a forum for students and alumni to continue producing work inspired by the course and was later expanded for general involvement and participation. Random soon generated a response from an international collective of designers and artists producing typographic work in response to random words, a creative thinking technique instrumental in producing new ideas.

Random Project has been featured in Design Week, several graphic design news publications including blogs, trade press, and websites. Contributors to the project so far have included designer, Ed Fella, Stefan Sagmeister, Ralph Steadman, Alan Kitching and Alan Rickman.

The words were chosen as part of a Twitter and Facebook voting campaign system, and are allotted a number between 1 and 100. The postcards can continue to be submitted until September 2012 and will act as a visual documentary and commentary of the Olympics. The organizers hope to host live postcard drawing events throughout the year in addition to online submissions. (via Design Week)

To take part email [email protected] with a number between 1 and 100.