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Respol, a Spanish Headquartered Gas and Oil Corporation has introduced a stunning new brand icon and identity to support new strategic moves within the company. In recent years they have achieved numerous and important discoveries in areas identified as priority, such as Brazil, United States, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia and Algeria, which have allowed a portfolio of projects to be handled; showing the organic growth of the company. Repsol has transformed and revitalized its corporate image with a twofold objective: Gaining visibility and reflecting the company’s new vision.

This project, was carried out by in-house Repsol employees as well as external public, providers, image experts, investors, journalists and opinion leaders and is the result of a rigorous process which began in 2011. The roll-out of the new image, which was brought out with the presentation of the strategic plan, will be completed in the coming months not only in group communications but also at service stations, products and services and all areas inside and outside of Spain.

The new company headquarters built to the most stringent sustainability criteria is one of the first examples of the application of the new brand.


The new visual identity respects the essence and value of the Repsol brand and its origins, optimizing its three colors that are renewed by the incorporation of the fourth “color” white. The logo pays a modern respect to the logo originally designed by Wolf Olins in 1987.


The orange, red and blue gradient feels inviting and modern. Repsol colors, also combined space of multi-layer effects, serve to communicate the diversity of the company, its different dimensions, extending the possibilities of interaction and communication. Creating a visual language rich, intuitive and flexible.

These spaces are further characterized by an inclination of twelve degrees, which recreates the forward perspective and anticipation of the mark itself.


From a photographic point of view, besides the chromatic aspects, three horizons have been established to characterize our visual communications: a horizon “or global macro” horizon “human or closeness” and a horizon of “micro detail”. The purpose of having scheduled this threefold perspective is simply to promote the new vision of the company, its global reach and future commitment to the welfare of people and innovative solutions that respond to real needs.

Finally, this new visual universe is complemented by the creation of a custom font, performed to provide a unique and differentiated voice to all communications of the brand that brings a modern, technical and humanized look. Its different versions offer recognition, total flexibility and perfect balance to capture our rational and emotional expressions.


The company undertakes includes in its plan to revitalize the brand, the empowerment of different elements of identity and has risen with two objectives: to gain relevance in today’s complex communications environment and realize the development and size of the company reflected in its new vision.

The Plan begins with the presentation of the new brand and visual identity, but their deployment will take place in the coming months and will extend to all areas of the company. Thus the changes will be implemented, not only in brand communications, but also in the service station network, products and services, company buildings and in all areas, inside and outside Spain.

Press Release | Photo Credits: Branding Source