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Our friends over at Vitamin Talent have recently been offering creatives tips to revitalize their resume. Useful articles such as 9 Mistakes You Find on Design Resumes and 5 Tips for Making Your Resume More Engaging provide job seeking design talent with a comprehensive guide.

Citing a U.S. News & World Report article as their source, Vitamin T state that in order to deliver a winning resume, individuals need to do the following…

1. Get over yourself
2. Answer the why
3. Commit to a target audience
4. Understand what it means to prove your value
5. Connect the dots for the reader

In addition, as detailed by Vitamin T, “humans are naturally drawn to storytelling…so it should come as no surprise that the same applies to reading resumes”. The ability to provide employers with a resume that is both interactive and appealing is a crucial factor. Insider information such as this can ensure the distinction between a good resume and a bad. In terms of the bad, Vitamin T have also rounded up the most common mistakes to be found in a resume.

Here is the lowdown on what to avoid…

1. Using a dated or un-design-savvy font
2. Listing tasks instead of results
3. Forgetting to add technical skills
4. Not sharing deliverables
5. Spelling errors
6. Inconsistent job titles
7. No hyperlinks
8. Lack of bullet points
9. Not dropping names

With employers scanning resumes through at a glance, spelling errors and a boring design font are unlikely to hook the reader in. Clarity of detail enables employers to be impressed before taking the time to find out more about the creative, thus engaging with their story. Hiring managers also look for hyperlinks to your portfolio, understanding of an individual’s skill-set, and a list of brands or companies you have worked with. Overall, a resume that illustrates the experience and personality of a candidate in a stylistic type is certainly likely to entice an employer. What helpful hints do YOU have for reviving a resume?

For more advice visit Vitamin Talent and check out their in-house Resume Reader tool.