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The proposed concept is made for attracting people’s attention to the problem of inconsistency between the out of date image of the police and its new organizational structure. The project of rebranding police is at the stage of consideration in the professional community at the moment. The agency behind the designs is Smart Heart, a Moscow-based consultancy.

SmartHeart newpolice04

new brand

the change

According to the force, the current reform of the Russian Interior Ministry is another important step to modernize the country and its government, even though it resulted in Major Russian Police layoffs.
“Transforming Russia’s militia into police calls for a major re-evaluation of all police officers’ qualifications and will lead to the firing of 170,000 cops.”

The initiator of the reform agency was President Dmitry Medvedev, who in December 2009 signed a decree on improvement of internal affairs bodies. The decree key reform steps have been announced (according to

– Regular rotation of the management team
– 20% reduction in staff
– Deliverance ministry of non-core functions
– Salary increase and improvement of social protection of employees

The main objective of the reform is implemented by creating a modern and efficient justice system in Russia. Already during the first months of the reforms in the ministry were produced significant changes. In the spring of 2010 the first of the Interior Ministry security forces announced the declaration of income departments of department heads and their families. During the first six months have been prepared more than 30 laws and regulations aimed at reforming the Ministry. There was a law to toughen the penalties for offenses committed by law enforcement officers while on duty.

A new stage of reform was another initiative of Russian President, who proposed to return to the traditional name of a professional law enforcement structure and rename the Russian militia to police. Adoption of the Law “On Police”, which entered into force in 2011, became a milestone in the history of Russian law enforcement bodies and provides a further forward movement of Russian law enforcement agencies along the path of modernization.

Update: Design Week apparently got in touch with Smart Heart, who revealed that the project is a self-initiated proposal, but that they are in talks with the Russian police to see if the work could be taken forward. Upon reading the context of the site and the backup story regarding layoffs it’s hard to believe that this was not a real redesign and it’s a wonder no one is in trouble! Any tips on this one would be much appreciated.

Snippets from the colorful and minimal brand application conceptual are below.




russian police moto


police station

russian couple

new style