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1. Senz° – the original storm umbrella
There is nothing worse than having an umbrella that five minutes later turns inside out and then needs to be thrown away. As explained on the Senz° website “The story of senz° goes back to the fall of 2004, when a young and naïve Industrial Design Engineering student, Gerwin Hoogendoorn, experienced one week in which three of his umbrellas broke down. Being sick and tired of the massive amount of crappy umbrellas, he decided to devote his graduation project to designing the ultimate umbrella: One design that resolves all of those nasty umbrella frustrations”.

Senz° have overcome these umbrella frustrations by creating some that can withstand 100 km/h winds. By trying everything from jumping out of airplanes to maxing out wind tunnels they have created the perfect storm umbrella. Check out the Senz° proof of concept here by watching the video. The team have now taken the concept a notch higher by creating the new Senz6 which is a new collection that combines this brilliant technology with exclusive designs by Yoske Nishiumi.


dazz buz
senz° automatic folding umbrella with extra power, which opens & closes by a simple push of the button. Windproof up to 80 km/h.

2. Bellroy Card Sleeve Wallet

One hears so many people complaining that their wallet is too big and won’t easily slide into their pocket. This week i came accross Australian Wallet creator Bellroy. Bellroy have created a simple wallet called the “card sleeve” which literally keeps bulk to an absolute minimum but does allow you to fit quite a bit given it is their slimmest wallet yet. There are external slots for frequently used cards as well as a main pocket for the less frequently used ones. i thought it would be hard to get cards our of the main pocket but having just watched the video there is a pull tab for easy access. Your bank notes can also be folded into the main pocket. The video of this particular innovative wallet can be watched here.


Bellroy Card Sleeve Wallet


Bellroy Card Sleeve Wallet


Bellroy Card Sleeve Wallet

3. Booken- Bookcase made out of books

Raw Edges Design Studio is owned by Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay. Their product project “Booken” is based on the idea that a book is something that becomes usable material but people don’t usually re-read the books that are sitting, collecting dust on their bookshelf. They transformed and reinvented its function by creating the below which not only serves as a bookcase but also as a side-table.

4. Puma Urban Mobility Backpack

For those of you who don’t want to carry an umbrella around or have forgotten it, this might be a good solution. The Puma Mobility Backpack is part of Puma’s Hussein Chalayan collection. The backpack has a hidden pull-out hood to keep you dry.


Puma Urban Mobility Backpack
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We hope you enjoyed these simple yet innovative designs. If you have any to add to the list please feel free to comment below.