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George J Mecherle founded State Farm Insurance in 1992, originally specializing in auto insurance segmented only for Farmers. Today, it provides multiple types of insurance, including banking and financial assistance.

They are no stranger to the modern public sitting at number 37 on the Fortune 500 list and generating 63.2 billion dollars in revenue in 2011. State Farm was already updating their ads to a more colorful, witty feel to target a younger and wider audience. Next, they decided to contact Chermayeff & Geismar to modernize their appearance to start off 2012 right.


Pam El, the Marketing Vice President for State Farm mentioned: “We certainly didn’t change it lightly…”We believe that it’s clearer. It’s a little bit more contemporary; it’s a bit more user friendly.” Joe Struck, State Farm’s Assistant Vice President of Public Affairs followed up saying “I’ve got 26 year here. I’ve been looking at the same logo for 26 years, but the company has changed tremendously.”

On January 1st, State Farm revealed the new simplified, more minimal tri-oval logo. The typeface was also updated to look more clean and readable.

The familiar logo showcasing the company’s offerings of “auto, fire and life” will evolve to a simplified three oval design positioned adjacent to the State Farm wordmark. This is the first time the company has updated its logo in nearly 60 years. […] “In today’s digital and mobile world this simple and contemporary design makes for a bolder presence in the marketplace whether it’s through a billboard, television advertising, a sign outside an agent’s office, online or through one of our mobile web applications. State Farm will phase in the new logo beginning January 1, 2012, the year in which the company celebrates its 90th anniversary.

“While the look is evolving, one of the most critical components of our brand remains the same,” added El. “State Farm agents, agent team members, and employees continue to be the most important face of our brand to policyholders and customers. Whether it’s through helping people plan ahead and recover from the unexpected or working on ways to realize dreams, our employees and agents are there for people every day.”

— State Farm Press Release


The rebrand objective was not only to leverage the look, but also to update State Farm to be better digitally branded across all platforms. They designed the new icon with the digital user in mind. By taking out the words “Auto, Life, and Fire” within the 3 ovals, the icon is much more identifiable as an icon by itself and takes less time to recognize.

I remember seeing this logo when I was a kid and every time I would pass it up sitting in my mom’s car, or walking by it on the way to school, all I could think of was Pepperonis on a pizza. Those Pepperonis are the star of the show, but it really doesn’t defer much from the old logo.

At a project that is two years in the making, I do personally feel that they could have spent more time modernizing the shape of the logo, or just giving it a refreshed feel. The red gradients they are now using seem to be a little richer. The lettering of the State Farm logo is also an icon in itself and they have done a good job updating this lettering without losing identity at all. I don’t think this one will make it to my Top 10 List of Notable Rebrands for 2012, but I think it’s definitely a step in the right direction for State Farm’s Brand.


Photo Source: Pantagraph

On January 4th, State Farm replaced its Bloomington corporate headquarters sign with the new 90th anniversary logo sitting boldly in white over State Farm’s iconic red background.