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Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) have also announced, alongside their People to Watch in 2012, their Students to Watch in 2012. The selection of 25 bright young things is sponsored by The Creative Group, and offers a platform for tomorrow’s leaders in graphic design to be recognized and showcased.

The students to watch are:

Terrence Fradet an undergraduate at SCAD completing his BFA in Graphic Design with a minor in Printmaking. Fradet “designs information graphics to allow for a more comprehensive understanding of our cultural behavior, specifically lending to positive changes in urban logistics.” (via GDUSA). His favorite app is Indesign, and the best gift he ever received was SCAD tuition. SCAD are pleased that two of their students studying graphic design degrees with them, Fradet and colleague Krisna McDonald, made the students to watch list.

Krisna Macdonald, also at SCAD is completing his final year in a BFA in Graphic Design. His dream is “to partner with some dear colleagues to open a small studio somewhere outside the U.S.” (via gdusa). His favorite colors are Pantone Black 7 and favorite typeface is Gotham.

Celeste Yang is a recent graduate of the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, where she completed her MFA degree in Graphic Design. Currently freelancing for an eco-friendly card company, Yang feels that “graphic design resembles a bridge that connects the creative imagination with people.”

Daniel Tran is also a student of the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, where he has mastered typography and developed his love for beautiful paper and lettering. His work appears on billboards, fashion lookbooks and the runway. He can’t live without his computer and wishes he could illustrate.(via gdusa)

Melissa Deckert, of the Pratt Institute is a student in Pratt’s Undergraduate Communications Design department; Deckert brings “handmade elements and experimental concepts” to her design approach. Her favorite color is Gray, PMS 429.

Natalie Sims also studies at the Pratt Institute doing an M.F.A. degree program in Communications Design. She says “it is very empowering to be at the threshold of the discussion. I am a firm believer that designers are in the business of shaping the material world, and it is exhilarating to be involved in that.”

Danielle Hall is a senior Communication Design student pursuing a BFA at Parsons, the New School for Design. She thinks of herself as a “hybrid designer” and is “most passionate about typography” (via gdusa). Her favorite color is #473D3A.

Andie Reid is also at Parsons on the AAS program for graphic design, part of a suite of Associate’s Degree programs created to encourage students with no prior arts education for intense professional courses of study. Her favorite parts of design are branding, poster design, and silkscreen, and she says that “The best part of design school is being around so many talented people, both students and teachers, and watching, learning, and being inspired by them every day.” (via gdusa)

Chris Tripputi is pursuing an MFA in Media Design. Aside from taking courses at Full Sail University, Triputti works as a freelance graphic designer, and cares for his baby daughter Abigail. His favorite color is Pantone 294 and preferred typeface is Gill Sans.

Amy Jackson says that gaining an MFA in media design from Full Sail University “was a true gift. The ability to umbrella a project from ideation to completion through truly cutting-edge curriculum was one of the most rewarding educational experiences I’ve had and the results were immediately visible through vastly improved design thinking.” Her favorite color is PMS-525.

Dinah Fried is currently pursuing an MFA at Rhode Island School of Design after receiving a BA in English from Tufts University. She worked as a project manager at Pentagram Design and an editor at HarperCollins, and “has designed book covers and other knickknacks in her spare time” via (gdusa)

Andrew Leclair is working on a range of self-initiated projects both solo and with startups, since coming to Rhode Island School of Design. His favorite typeface is Akzidenz-Grotesk and his favorite app is Instapaper.

Jeffrey Waldman also attends Rhode Island School of Design studying for an MFA – he has interned for studios such as Njenworks and Project Projects and feels that “I’ve learned much in my time at RISD — from my teachers and classmates. It’s changed how I see the world around me.” (via gdusa). His favorite typeface is Accurat.

Becky Slogeris, of Maryland Institute is studying the College’s Master of Arts in Social Design’s inaugural class. Her work experience so far has ranged from designing for and with local non-profits to working with Pentagram. Her favorite color is yellow.

Jeremy Bloom, a fifth year Graphic Design senior at Drexel University is concentrating in Web and Motion design, Digital Media and Business. Bloom has won numerous awards, including two from Creativity Annual and a GDUSA American Graphic Design Award as well as being featured in The Wall Street Journal, Ad Age and Graphic Design USA.

Hannah Olin is working on completing her B.S. in Graphic Design at Drexel University, where she participated in a Design Charrette of interdisciplinary teams designing new urban planning solutions for the campus. She has won awards from both the University and College Designers Association and Creativity International for her “strong sense of typography and composition”. Her favorite typeface is Bodoni. (via gdusa)

Meaghan Barry will graduate in May with her MFA in 2D Design from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Her favorite colors are red, white, and blue while her favorite typeface is Linotype Didot by Adrian Frutiger.

Julie Hoppner feels that attending Cranbrook has allowed her “to discover the power and possibility of the intersection between design and the traditional arts.” She worked as an Art Director/Graphic Designer for Target Corporation in Minneapolis, and received an AIGA Minnesota Design Show award for brochure design.

Ethan Muller, of the School of Advertising Art is in his final year before pursuing a web design career. He favors olive green and Futura.

Doug Aldrich, of PRATTMWP is studying for his B.F.A. in Communication Design. He has a passion for hand drawn type which was challenged by the clean graphic ethos at Pratt, but now successfully combines the two worlds.

Christina Lanzisero
is a senior in the Graphic Design Communication program at Philadelphia University, and a member of the Honors Program. She loves Teal and Coral, “especially together”, and her favorite typeface is Univers.

Natalie Vespe combines a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design Communication from Philadelphia University with an internship at Eightegrity, a marketing communications firm. Her favorite font is Trade Gothic (Condensed No. 18 to be exact!)

Tommy Browne has been inspired by classmates at Carnegie Mellon University, and plans to specialize in f information design and custom lettering “to help make complex information accessible to all”. He says that “Carnegie Mellon has taught me that my best will be good enough, but I’m nowhere near finding it yet.”

Samantha Mak is a junior in Graphic Design at Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI). She has worked with Liquid 9 and is set to intern at Propaganda 3 soon. For her design school “has engaged me more emotionally and intellectually than anything I have ever encountered. It has opened me up to the endless possibilities of design and an array of techniques to approach them with.”

Sasha Andersen is a senior studying Communication Design (“Graphic Design”) at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Her favorite colors are Salmon Hot Pink, Pantone FF7B88 and her favorite fonts are Bauer Bodoni and Neutraface. Design school has led her to understand that “Design cannot be learned, only lived.”

Davis Ngarupe is majoring in Graphic Design at Otis College of Art and Design. He says “Otis is a great environment for my education. The amazing design faculty and my talented classmates have played a large role in the development of my technical and conceptual design skills. I am also constantly being pushed to grow as a critical thinker, which is an extremely valuable part of education.” (via gdusa).

The Students to Watch can all be found online at Graphic Design USA.