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Based in London and Sao Paulo, Studio Swine has worked with an array of high profile brands including Veuve Clicquot and Droog. They have also exhibited at the Barbican and the V&A, as well as appearing at New York and London Fashion Week.

In addition, Studio Swine recently received international acclaim with awards such as the Gold Prize at BIO23 Biennale of Design Slovenia and recently being nominated for Designs of the Year Award 2013 at the Design Museum London.

Studio Swine’s portfolio is an array of impressive items with one piece in particular catching our eye- their Sao Paulo design collection. We spoke to Studio Swine, finding out more about their inspirational work …

Studio Swine Image 1Sao Paulo Collection | Photo credit: Studio Swine

Swine stands for Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Exploration- tell us about the philosophy of your design studio?

What excites us most about design is it’s potential for transformation. Materials, values, perceptions

Studio Swine Image 2Office | Photo credit: Studio Swine

Which is your favorite area of design?

We don’t have a preference area, our favorite thing about design is the hugely varied and eclectic range that it operates in.

You have worked with many high profile brands including Veuve Clicquot and Swarovski, which design project has been your proudest achievement?

We have been set up for two years and have been really fortunate to work with some fantastic people. We would say we are most pleased when we create a project that we didn’t expect ourselves, when that happens you really appreciate the process of realizing an idea.

Studio Swine Image 3Sao Paulo Collection | Photo credit: Studio Swine

Studio Swine Image 4Sao Paulo Collection | Photo credit: Studio Swine

One of your recent design collections in São Paulo was inspired by Brazilian tropical modernist design of the 1950s, tell us more about this fantastic range?

We are really interested in how an increasingly globalised world, design can help create a strong regional identity. We have a great love for tropical modernism, how Brazil re-interpreted the European modernist style and created really unique works. We wanted to transform materials from the streets of São Paulo into a desirable chic homage to tropical modernism.

Studio Swine Image 5Sao Paulo Collection | Photo credit: Studio Swine

Studio Swine Image 6Sao Paulo Collection | Photo credit: Studio Swine

What’s next for Studio Swine?

We are embarking on a 6 month residency in China to pursue two new design collections.

Studio Swine are at the forefront of the design world, a notion that their various creative accolades confirms. Their designs are innovative, bold and groundbreaking. Having explored their portfolio and design inspiration, here at we now eagerly await their next collection.

Studio Swine Image 7Prism Cabinet | Photo credit: Studio Swine

Follow Studio Swine on Twitter or check out their Facebook page for regular updates. See more of Studio Swine’s work HERE.