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Thanksgiving, the benchmark signaling that 2012 will soon come to a close has passed. This time of year seems to be one when people step back and take stock of the personal and professional aspects of their lives, especially career prospects and goals. In fact, “getting a new job” often ranks among the top ten New Year’s Resolutions. Perfect timing for The Creative Group’s (TCG) recently released 2013 Salary Guide.

Entitled Paylandia (the destination for Creative Salaries), TCG’s 2013 Salary Guide takes a playful spin on the concept of a career road map and includes critical information for job seekers and potential employers. Accessible online or as a physical printed copy Paylandia includes comprehensive information on starting salaries for over 125 interactive, graphic design and marketing positions, an overview of the latest employment trends and information on in demand positions and by extension the skills they require.

paylandia_guide_cover.gifThe guide is organized in sections that address the concerns of employers and employees, covering topics such as staffing strategies, when to hire and how to attract talent as well as providing insights to employees about what employers are looking for. Online, there is an interactive salary calculator while the printed copy lists salaries broken out by field and position as well as a poster-size map that can be tacked up for quick, easy reference. Also, a library of job descriptions is available to help set a baseline for comparison.

Not just another uninformed set of opinions the guide is thoroughly researched with “data based on thousands of placements made by TCG each year” as well as workplace research conducted throughout the United States and Canada. It’s also highly respected— the U.S Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics used it “when compiling its Occupational Outlook Handbook. Key highlights for 2013 include an expected 3.5% rise in annual salaries on average in 2013, continued demand for “positions requiring digital expertise” such as interactive creative directors, interaction designers and mobile designers and developers as well as increased competition to attract these professionals.

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For more information including TCG’s Salary Calculator and job description library visit this website.