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Nike, arguably the most successful name in global sportswear, has launched an exhibition chronicling the past 30 years or so, entitled the ‘Nike Logo Project’. Showcasing the brand’s numerous, evolving, logos, the Sole Movement team introduce this, an exhibit that allows you to delve into the archive of a complete design history. Having operated under several different logos from the past to present day, the chance to observe these genres means you can get a feel for the classics whilst also appreciating the modern-day vibe. The power of the brand dominates the show yet the design element is an enticing bait even for the non-sportswear fans of us to enjoy the goods on display.

Set within Nike HQ in Beaverton, Oregon, hundreds of boxes make up the showcase, outlining the logo, year and logo name, logo number and last but not least, the Nike campaign from where it originated on each item.

Just as much as it is a journey down memory lane in sporting kind, a visit to the exhibit also renders a passion for the detail and precision of each individual display piece.

From the original Nike Air to Federer’s US Open shoe (the Air Zoom Vapor), the history of the brand is both unique and complex, mirroring the entire nature of the showcase itself. The importance of the link between visual effects and an iconic image was first established by Phil Knight. Knight created Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964 and once this company became financially viable he took on a University student called Carolyn Davidson to develop a brand new logo. Whilst it is said that Knight was not originally a fan of the Swoosh logo, the first Nike shoe with this embossed upon it was to be released very soon after, in 1972 at the US Track and Field Olympic Trials in Oregon; the “Swoosh” is now one of the most distinctive logos in the consumer world.

Nike Logo Project

The dominance of this iconic logo can be seen across many sporting forms. In Basketball there have been examples such as the Alpha Project, Force and Flight, and in the Running world, Zoom Air, Tuned Air and Free. The evolution of the brand has been widespread and is well documented within this ground-breaking and artistic arrangement.

While it is clear to see that it has taken many forms, undoubtedly the uniqueness of the Nike logo remains the inextricable link between both the power of its simplicity and the worldwide awareness of its pure existence, a notion presented with style at the Nike Logo Project.