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Even across the pond in the U.K., lack of funding for school programs is a common dilemma, one for which University of Creative Arts students, Charlotte Hugh and Danny Pallett derived an uncommon solution they appropriately named The Pitch.

Conceived as a fundraiser for their third year class’ degree show, and cleverly evoking the competitive and collaborative aspects of both advertising and sports, “The Pitch” brought together teams of students, graduates and advertising agency folks in a football tournament (soccer for U.S. readers) at the world famous Wembley Stadium to “compete against each other to see who’s best on The Pitch.”

The-Pitch.jpgOn Friday, March 16th, 2012 students from five universities; Bournemouth University, University of Southampton, Southampton Solent University, University for Creative Arts, Staffordshire University and University of Lincoln and professionals from seventeen agencies, including Poke, AKQA, BD Network and Design Bridge squared off to raise over £3,000. Those not quite up to joining the game were still able to attend, cheer from the sidelines and enjoy a networking and barbeque. Check out the post event video on Vimeo for a peak at the action.

The-Pitch1.jpg The-Pitch2.jpgIn a lovely e-mail exchange Charlotte described how she and Danny came up with the concept for The Pitch and answered some questions about future plans.

What sparked the idea for The Pitch?

The idea for The Pitch came when myself and Danny were on a flight home from a work placement over in New Zealand at Y&R. We knew we had to raise £6,000 for our upcoming degree show (The Orchard) and needed to think of ways of fundraising, so a 29 hour flight proved the best environment for ideas to flow (who knew). We came up with the idea after discussing ways to not only build awareness for our degree show, but to get agencies and students together.

Were you able to meet your fundraising goal?

Since The Pitch we have raised over half of our total money needed, which is brilliant! Since The Pitch a few of our class including Danny are planning on doing a sponsored sky dive in order to try and raise the rest of the money!

Now that the first one was successful any plans for future initiatives to bring ad agency professionals and students together?

As far as further plans go, we hope everyone who attended The Pitch comes to our show at the end of may, and definitely we’re looking to making The Pitch an annual thing, and will be sure to do it next year, but this time bigger and better!

Any chance of doing something similar in the U.S.?

Since starting up The Pitch, myself and Danny have become members for Advertising Weeks social club (AWSC) and being based in the US they’re all up for starting a US ‘The Pitch’ so watch this space I guess, we’d love to get it going over the other side of the pond!

If you would like to see their degree show it will be held at the Dray Walk Gallery in Brick Lane, in London, from the 21st to the 28th of May, in the meantime, I’m hoping New York will get in the game and consider a Pitch of their own.