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Moda recently announced a ten-year partnership with Portland’s Rose Garden, which has led them to rename the arena Moda Center. They have simultaneously released new official logos and usage guidelines. Chris McGowan, President & CEO of the Portland Trail Blazers and Moda Center stated the following about the new logo: “We wanted to make sure we went through a thorough design process with the creation of the Moda Center logos.

After a span of more than three months, which included countless renderings and proposals, we are really pleased with the end result.” (Press Release)

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The new logo was created by Portland-based experience design and innovation firm, Ziba. They were also previously contracted to rename ODS to Moda Health and create a new logo and brand strategy for ODS. When creating the new brand strategy for Moda Health, they needed to speak to target members who want to pursue better health, while still remaining relevant to existing members. Moda Health’s new logo was incorporated into everything from apparel to architectural applications, so switching from the Rose Garden to the new Moda Center logo should be seamless as well. (Case Study)

“Our challenge was to design a new logo and identity that was true to the history and spirit of the arena, authentic to the Moda Health brand and meaningful to the Portland community at large”, said Mehdi Tabrizi, Managing Director at Ziba. “We believe the close collaboration between Moda Health, Ziba and Rip City Management, has resulted in an identity true to Moda’s services in support of better health and Rip City’s commitment to Portland.” (Press Release)

The logo consists of two elements: a plum-colored rose icon and Moda Center wordmark. The rose pays tribute to the history of the building and the “Rose City.” The wordmark is an adaptation of the corporate logo for Moda Health, the community partner for the arena.

Moda means “the way” and the momentum arrow on the Moda wordmark is designed to “lead the way” in messaging. The arrow can be used as a standalone branding device, which is why it was also included in the new Moda Center logo. The wordmark and rose icon can also be used independently as additional branding elements. Installation of the Moda Center logo has been completed around the Rose Quarter campus and arena. Additional signage and campus wayfaring are currently in progress. (Case Study)

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“We’re thrilled today to be able to present this logo to the people of Portland,” says Jonathan Nicholas, VP of Marketing with Moda Health. He continues, “We’re confident they’ll grow to love it as much as we do.” (Press Release)