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Rebranding is always an exciting and remarkable topic in Graphic Design. Some marketing efforts are successful and some miss the mark with consumers. Here is the Top 10 notable in 2011 (In No Particular Order)… Google Chrome refreshed the Chrome icon to better represent an easy and clutter free experience, moving away from the glossy look and into a more modern polished gradient feel. Google admitted in their blog that they were very inspired by Googlers and Chrome fans, leaving users with the following:

“Numerous creative reinterpretations have organically moved the icon towards simplicity and abstraction, so it felt right to make the icon structure cleaner and easier to recreate.

Google Chrome


Redesigning the icon was very much a group effort. Collectively, we explored many variations, tried the icon in several different contexts, and refined the details as we moved along. It was important to maintain consistency across all media, so we kept print, web, and other possible formats in mind. Once we arrived at a good place, we finished up the icon by resizing, pixel-pushing, and getting everything out the door.”

Comedy Central


Revealed to the public in January, the new Comedy Central logo resembled a backwards copyright symbol or 2 C’s back to back. Also the “Central” was flipped. It remains live despite the collaborate reviews from critics and major bloggers as “Boring” and “Simple”.

Although I think they could have met in the middle with their new design, simple doesn’t always hurt people, and this one seems to be growing on the public and working within their new design scheme.

NBC Universal


This one was a personal shocker for me (seeing the new logo for NBC Universal). The first question that comes to mind is where is the freakin’ peacock? The peacock is a globally recognized icon and it seems irrational to do away with the icon altogether and not upgrade the look and feel of it. The rebrand comes from a buyout by Comcast in an effort to combine the respective brands and it looks clear that they missed the boat on an opportunity to leverage a classic.



Opinionaided completely rebranded, changing their name to Thumb. The company was hurting from name typos and they wanted to simplify and reflect the popular thumbs up and down features within its apps. Thumb even paid tribute to Opinionaided making their old name the tagline as not to completely lose the previous identity. Most features of the service remained the same and the rebrand is a step towards turning Thumb into a full-fledged social network built around opinions.

Ivory Soap


Ivory Soap is a well recognized logo in the personal health industry, which serves as a risk when involving brand integrity and personality. But with 125 years under their belt, they needed a fresh reboot to regain some youth. This particular redesign has a richer, lighter blue with a new clean Sans Serif logo font. You will notice that the R still slightly curves forward, but much less than the original logo. Their main focus is now directing users to their Facebook for promotions and community involvement. Their homepage currently has a promo that reads, “After holding out for 125 years, Ivory’s finally on Facebook” and automatically sends the user to their Facebook page.

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