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Here are more of the Top 10 notable rebrands in 2011 (In No Particular Order)…

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Petco may have fell a bit short with this redesign using a sans serif font and updating their tagline making it longer adding the word “healthy”. At first glance the cat and dog icon seem to be the same, but you’ll notice that they have been modernized a bit and re-colored. The tagline looks to suffer a bit from horizontal scaling and is much harder to read now. The biggest issue that has come from Petco’s branding is customers struggling to differentiate Petco from major competitors. This new logo does nothing to solve this problem.



Heineken’s corporate logo was in need of a refresh as the company wanted to set them apart from it’s Beer Brand. The logo includes a new bolder Capitalized type with a modernized star (the company refers to the icon as the “spark”) The move will still have no effect on the Heineken Beer Brand.
Heneken’s CEO and chariman, Jean-Francois van Boxmeer explained “We have a portfolio of more than 250 beer and cider brands and we employ more than 70,000 people.”

The Florida Marlins
aka The Miami Marlins


After being renamed to the Miami Marlins, a new look was the next step. It’s always a little more sensitive of a move in the consumer market when the logo involves “fans” rather than “clients.” Sure, uncle Joey’s Florida Marlin’s collection are now timeless collector’s items but this guy’s tattoo isn’t so cool anymore and this guy may want to think about buying a new outfit!

Either way, it’s an inconvenience to fans who will also have to rebrand their personal collection. The choice of colors doesn’t make sense as well considering it’s the team colors and Miami Dolphins share the color making it a Florida staple. Sports are often compared to men on the battlefield. In these new Rainbow Bright colors, they better have a really intimidating snarl on their face if they want to scare someone.



In a bold redesign by Starbucks, the new logo is essentially a small updated image of the inner circle inside the before logo and scaled up. Any Starbucks lover will instantly recognize that the words “Starbucks Coffee” have now been completely removed. The new logo feels very iconic without the words and is still easily recognizable as Starbucks. On a side note I’m not really sure the significance, but the Restricted icon has also been replaced with a Trademark.



Hewlett-Packard told design agency Moving Brands that they wanted to be transformed into ‘the world’s most powerful brand’ and asked for a ten year plan to support it. The problem was reported that HP was growing but was seen by customers and corporate clients as ‘dull and lifeless’.

The new logo conceptual is a beautiful design reminiscent of a minimalistic glossy Apple like style and staying true to the 13 degree angle from HP’s original logo. Also the logo accomplishes reading as “hp” while using only 2 shapes total, doubled. In the 10 year plan, in 2012 the plan was to go minimal and only use the first slash within the “h”


Despite positive feedback amongst consumers and the design industry, there are no current plans to implement the new logo. A spokesperson for HP said that the design system created with Moving Brands was the only thing approved. The logo was a working draft that never made it to approval.