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Rebranding a business can help to breathe new life into the company and attract the attention of current and potential customers. Every campaign is different and while subtlety is key for some redesign efforts, some businesses need a complete overhaul of their logo, packaging, and/or online and social media presence. There were a number of successful rebrand campaigns and new logos in 2013, so read on for our top picks of the year. Let us know what you think. Is there any that you wish would have made the list?


5. RAC


The Royal Automotive Club of Western Australia (RAC) recently announced a new brand image as well as some important changes for the organization, delivering an even stronger future for its members. Presented in a genius way, the company built a site asking clients what they wanted to see in their new brand. This allowed clients to become even more active and vocal on their opinions and the issues that matter to them.

4. 2b


2b stores, an affordable retailer under the bebe name, offers trendy, high-quality items at surprisingly low prices, designed for the new savvy shopper. To match the style of the store, 2b refreshed its image with a new fashion friendly logo and created a voice and identity all its own.

Tolleson assisted with the relaunch, which included an entirely new visual identity, including updated logos, typography, photo styling, online presence, shopping bags, labels, retail store branding, and even a new tone and voice that would appeal to both moms and teens. They created a simple, effective change by transforming the once ordinary “B” into a unique sideways heart image.

3. American Airlines


American Airlines unveiled the first new and updated look in more than 40 years and, fortunately, it was a hit. The company unveiled a new logo and exterior for its planes in an effort to build a more modern travel experience for its customers.

Virasb Vahidi, American’s Chief Commercial Officer, said this of the brand: “Our core colors — red, white and blue — have been updated to reflect a more vibrant and welcoming spirit. The new tail, with stripes flying proudly, is a bold reflection of American’s origin and name.”

2. Mall of America


Mall of America recently updated their logo to a colorful work of art. They partnered with Duffy & Partners to develop a new iconic image. The creative process recognized the equity found in the star of the original logo and transformed it into the dynamic new star made of vibrant colored ribbons. The vibrant new “star” logo can be found on everything from billboards to business cards, gift cards to garbage cans. They also updated their apparel, accessories and merchandise to show off the beautiful new logo.

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1. You Decide

With all of the successful rebrands and new logos that were introduced in 2013, we want to hear your thoughts. A rebrand is only successful if the public reacts well to it, so let us know what you think about which campaigns were a success, and which ones flopped, in the comments below. What was your top rebrand or design last year?