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More than 20,000 logos submitted by designers from more than 100 countries worldwide were compiled by LogoLounge to observe some of the top logo design trends of 2013. Below, we have compiled our top 5 logo design trends of the year from this comprehensive list. Let us know if you have some other favorite trends you observed last year.

ld 1


ld 2

This clean visual substitute allows us to connect or build separation between different concepts or entities. The mark appears equally comfortable in a typographic solution or used between icons, visual elements, or both. The acceptance of the slash mark is reminiscent of the avalanche of solutions using the @ symbol a number of years ago. Because of the almost invisible nature of the slash, it has much more utility and probably will be viewed much more like an ampersand or another letter in our alpha-arsenal. (Source)


ld 3

These crossed components have a greater variety that often favors cooking utensils, tools, sporting equipment and the like. The X formed by these elements signifies a level of heritage normally associated with a pair of crossed swords. It’s a technique that lifts the regal nature of the client it represents and implies a certain sophistication even if it’s a pair of crossed plungers. (Source)


ld 4

There is an air of authority and official-ese associated with these marks but also a wink that they can just as easily be irreverent and light-hearted. Dating back to the irregular edge created by an impression in a wax seal, this shape over the years found regularity in shape. Reminiscent of the gold seal applied to any document of importance, the shape still denotes an official stamp of approval, and designers are glad to promote this school of thought. (Source)


ld 5

Here, two pieces make a whole and create something greater in the central area. Remove one of the pieces and there is no story, but squeezed together, they envelop one of the greatest of all products, potential. It is the light that is captured between. It is the known or unknown. It is the elusive result that only this firm can define and manifest. The beauty of showing potential is that the consumer is able to dream and fill in the blank with the answer that best serves his objective. (Source)


ld 6

There is a pleasure in tracing the line with your eyes as it takes us on a bit of a journey. It demonstrates a sense of flow and flexibility and creates a solution that literally has an unexpected twist to it. Were you given enough rope, you could no doubt design your logo with it. These marks are approachable, friendly, and demonstrate a methodology by tracing a path from beginning to end. (Source)

What are your thoughts on these logo design trends? Do you think they will survive the changing times or are you ready for them to be phased out in 2014?