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Of course content is important, but Design is king. Get the experience and usability part wrong and you have a website disaster. Many of these errors are found in smaller business and start-up websites but also in some major designs.

Here’s a look at the Top 5 Web Design Mistakes.


5. No Help or Support

There’s nothing worse than leaving your customer stranded. It can be extremely frustrating for a user when they have concerns but are fishing to find your help sections. Some sites even fail to provide a place for feedback, help or comments. What many businesses don’t realize is that they are missing out on the chance to speak directly to their customers and find out what’s wrong as well as build their trust with a reliable help forum.

4. No Room to Breathe

Whitespace takes up the portions of a page that have been left untouched. This area should not be underestimated nor underutilized. Your user will easily be able to find and read your content while practicing the best spacing techniques. If your content is crowded and left with no space in between each element then your user will not be able to establish a visual content hierarchy leaving them lost. The reader should be able to seamlessly scan your sites content without thinking about it.

3. Sloppy Navigation

If your user is instantly lost or confused by your navigation they will not want to return to your site. Users should have a clear path of where to go and how to get back to where they came from. Mistakes such as leading the customer to broken links or overwhelming them with choices can be a disaster. I asked my good friend and expert Designer Jason Longsworth how he approaches the design of each of his websites navigation. Longsworth said that “Each navigation should be clean, clear and direct” He also added “Simple is always better but in some cases it’s important to remember that the use of icons and visuals cues can help guide your user.”

2. Media on Auto Pilot

It’s 12am, you’ve just sat down with a nice cup of joe ready to catch up on work. You turn on your classical music full blast and pat yourself on the back because you’re calm, collected and ready to put in extra time at the office. You pull up a couple sites only to have your heart drop out of your chest because out of nowhere someone is yelling at you to sell Gold online or some techno music playing in the background.

We’ve all been there, a website interrupts us with annoying media whether it’s a trustworthy site or spam. Don’t control your users lives by blasting media without interaction, always keep them in control of the driver seat. You will lose more business than you’ll gain using this tactic.

1. Dysfunctional Forms

Have you ever filled out a form so long your eyes hurt only to click submit followed by an error. Then once you go back to fix it everything is gone? No one wants to re-enter all of their information. That’s like asking someone to stand in line at the DMV one more time. More likely than not, the user will give up and leave your site instead of re-filling out the risky form fields that may just give them the errors again.