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Global strategic branding firm Siegel+Gale today announced the launch of strategic brand development work for Caesars Entertainment Corporation, the world’s most diversified casino-entertainment company. Siegel+Gale worked with Caesars to re-define the brand platform and visual identity for Total Rewards, Caesars’ award-winning customer loyalty program.

Siegel+Gale created a brand platform to address Caesars’ abundant offerings and demonstrate the breadth and depth of their casino and entertainment network: “Total Rewards. More of what members want.” This means having better ways to earn and redeem credits for activities that go beyond gaming— from shows and shopping, to dining and leisure. It emphasizes the diversity of Caesars’ properties and products and alludes to the unexpected experiences members can access through Total Rewards.

total rewards before after

“Visitors to Caesars’ casino and entertainment properties come for the whole experience,” said Nicholas Lakas, director of Brand Management at Caesars Entertainment Corporation. “By broadening the reach of Total Rewards, we are rewarding all of our core audiences, not only the gamers, and thanking them for being a loyal customer—no matter what they enjoy at Caesars. We’re giving our members more of what they want.”

total reward card

To bring the new brand platform to life, Siegel+Gale developed a comprehensive visual system and two logos—one for Total Rewards and the other for Seven Stars, the highest tier in the program. The Total Rewards logo depicts “TR” encircled by a globe, referring to the worldwide network of Caesars properties, while also indicating the diverse world of rewards offered by the program. An animated version of the Total Rewards logo is available for on-property branding and for use on multimedia platforms, and uses the distinctive light featured in the brand’s visual identity As the upper tier of the Total Rewards program, the Seven Stars logo and visual style convey elegance and sophistication.

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To further develop Total Rewards, Siegel+Gale developed and oversaw the creation of a proprietary brand photography portfolio, designed to capture unexpected moments during shopping, dining, pampering and gaming through hyper-realistic photography. Images from the new collection can be seen in the newly designed Total Rewards brochure, throughout Caesars’ properties and in print and digital communication.

“Caesars is the pioneer of the casino loyalty program, and the work produced by Siegel+Gale truly enhances Total Rewards and sets it apart from other industry loyalty programs,” said Jason Cieslak, managing director at Siegel+Gale. “Total Rewards has a distinctive brand platform and a unique visual identity that it now owns.”

The new brand launched with the Escape to Total Rewards promotion, whereSiegel+Gale was tasked to create a connection between the new look and feel of Total Rewards and the launch campaign. Siegel+Gale crafted a comprehensive creative strategy through design, copy and promotional guidelines for the promotion’s three stages: pre-launch tease, promotion kickoff and launch.

– Siegel + Gale Press Release


The previous logo and branding was a boring black rectangle with white writing mostly relaying on the gold and platinum card thing to back the branding up. The new mark has a fresh, beautiful new gradient that seems to mimic glowing lights, which is what Vegas is all about. Also the logo screams excitement. It’s like you are in a Vegas nightclub spinning in circles and not minding it at all. The only downside I see in this one is the application phase. Some of the designs seem to get a little lazy, not using proper brand guidelines and even displaying the new logo in a chrome treatment. Also I feel like some of the glows on the application feel a little generic and don’t marry that well with the icon. Overall this is an amazing redesign by Siegel + Gale, per usual!