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Recently we covered the story of TV Land Introducing a New On-Air Package for their fairly new logo. Surprisingly, months later, they are back with a new logo and on-air identity. As of Wednesday, May 9, viewers started to see a fresh mark with a nod to the channel’s roots, a change that reflects the evolution of the network itself. No longer a channel made up of shows strictly from yesteryear, TV Land is now finding success using a combination of programming including new original series, sitcoms of the recent past and, of course, classic TV.


– TV Land’s new 2012 logo design by Trollback + Company

“This is TV Land’s fourth logo in its sixteen year history. The original launch logo was pure 50s/60s retro, reflecting its position as an extension of the original Nick at Nite, “the Network for the TV Generation”. Around 2001, it was refreshed and straightened up, while still keeping its retro sensibility. The logo that is now being replaced was introduced in 2009 and removed the lines between the letters.”


Branding Source

“This fresh design signals to our viewers that TV Land is delivering a deeply engaging experience; it’s a place where they know they can come for a laugh and enjoy high quality original and timeless sitcoms.”

The new look also reflects a generational shift of the channel’s target demo of 25-54 year-olds. While the network has always targeted forty-something, now that age group consists mostly of Generation X, replacing the Baby Boomers commonly known as “the TV Generation.” The visual identity of TV Land now has a more contemporary sensibility to serve this target audience.


Kim Rosenblum, executive vice president, creative and marketing, TV Land, led the re-design initiative and shaped the entire network look. Rosenblum and her team partnered with Trollback + Company to design the logo and packaging, as well as CORD Worldwide, who created the new TV Land mnemonic and theme. The new logo combined with the bold, colorful look will appear on-air, online, in digital endeavors and in off-air marketing for programming launches.

Following the success of TV Land’s hit shows, the on-air design needed to align with their original comedies and better relate to their expanding target audience. The goal for the logo was to lose the retro feeling and make it more modern while maintaining TV Land’s heritage. The shooting style was also designed to express a fresh, dynamic energy. By using diverse talent shots and juxtaposing punchy imagery, the team was able to set a bold, fun tone against a rich color palette.

Case Study




“TV Land is a fun, timeless brand,” adds Rosenblum. “When we embarked on this project, we started from scratch, with just those qualities in mind. In the end, we built a logo, look and tagline that speaks to our brand attributes and will leave our viewers smiling – speaking to our key goal of ensuring light-hearted, quality entertainment.”

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I love the color scheme of this identity and I love the way the actors are filmed in the short promos. They are minimal and fun in a way that feels fresh and not too overdone. The main problem with this rebrand is that they are approaching it as something completely brand new.

TV Land is claiming “For the first time since the launch of the network 16 years ago, TV Land is unveiling a new and re-imagined logo plus re-designed on-air packaging and graphics” but this is clearly misleading because the logo has been changing since 1996 and the new logo is still inspired by the original classic TV design.

Also Trollback + Company’s case study claims the same thing: “We’ve collaborated with TV Land for four rebrands and this time around we even reinvented the logo – a first in the network’s 16-year history”. I think this is misleading to the design community due to the fact that they have had 4 different redesigns of the logo and the new icon is still inspired by the original shape. In my opinion nothing has been reinvented here, if anything it’s overkill. The new icon is essentially the old logo doubled over in a subconscious fashion.

I think it’s important for TV Land to realize that they don’t need this icon anymore because the station is no longer dedicated to classic television. Yes, it’s become a brand identity staple for them, but it has become irrelevant to them in general. I enjoyed the previous on air package because of it’s hip flipping effect that they introduced, it’s a shame that it was so short lived. The new on-air package looks almost identical to the previous design keeping the brand even closer to the previous look.

Check out the TV Land brand promo from CORD:

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