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TV Land, Once a nightly spot on Nickelodeon in 1996 and Once dedicated strictly to keeping classic TV alive on the tube on a nightly spot on Nickelodeon called Nick at Night in 1996 has now segmented into a network for people in their 40’s to 50’s with both classic programming pulled from the vault and new, original productions. The new rebrand, Designed by Trollbäck + Company in New York were introduced last year.

TV Land was in fact one of Trollbäck’s first clients. Their first On-Air Package project started back in 2000, when TV Land was still devoted only to bringing back retro programming. A follow up package was introduced to the network in 2007, when the network administrators realized that they needed to adjust with the times and focus their target market on baby boomers. What was once a not so explosive and exciting blast from the past filled with remembrances of desaturated color and black and white programming is now filled with bright chromatism and exuberance.


The logo rebrand, which is also fairly recent takes the original design and invert’s the colors and get’s rid of the dark blue. From an icon standpoint the new logo itself does nothing to bring much excitement and has not made much buzz despite being recognized by Boards Magazine as one of the Decades Best Rebrands. The new logo in my opinion leaves too much white space giving it no chance to stand out.

The type is slightly more modern than the original with a Serif font for the “TV” and the LAND below looking like it may start its own new logo in some other village. Nonetheless, it’s an improvement over the original. Also in this case, we can’t forget that this is a TV’s logo rebrand and its main purpose is for Digital Media. Trollbäck + Company has saved the day with their new on-air package.

Much of Trollback’s original inspiration comes from their own office. Where much of their office was filled with furniture and artworks of American modernists.

“It was a pretty big challenge for us because we were a young company, and with a lot of Europeans on staff we weren’t really that into nostalgia and the retro aesthetic,” explains founder Jakob Trollbäck. “TV Land really wanted to capture the spirit of nostalgia but also make it feel modern. We were completely stuck as to what we could do.”

“When we started to look around the office, we noticed we had all of this Eames furniture and George Nelson lamps,” says Trollbäck. “I had a couple of Alexander Calder prints and suddenly it was like, ‘Wait a minute, this is also what happened during this period.’ We were excited about taking a cue from these cool people who worked within the culture of the 60’s, but did it in a way that was modern.”

The colors, shapes, and designs in all of the promos take cues from the modernist approach, but giving it a whole new edge with the twist of modern day motion graphics.


The new package introduces a brand new old school but modern rainbow color scheme and fills in the voids of the new blue and white icon. Keeping it on-brand was important as well as not to stray too much from their current viewers.

The 1970’s feel still remains in the mixture of transitions, color and motion of the logo and scheme, which really brings it all together for TV Land as an identity and channel but with a new excitement. They have also introduced a new slogan “Laugh More” which brings a new breath of fresh air to the nostalgic feel of the classic TV Land.














The screenshots above are from a video mash-up of the new graphics and are available on Trollbäck’s portfolio website. Check out it’s awesomeness!