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Barcelona based design duo TwoPoints.Net are embarking upon a new project; a teaching initiative called Design Werkstatt (which translated means Design Workshop). TwoPoints.Net consists of Martin Lorenz and Lupi Asensio, graphic designers with German, Dutch and Spanish roots between them. Their specialties are based around Visual Identity, Editorial Design, Web Design and Illustration. Compiling bold and diverse portfolios they have a unique style, reflected in both an international clientele and their teaching work.

Teaching since 2005, they then set up their own design business in 2007, “with the aim to do exceptional design work” (


Running from 20-31 August 2012, the sessions will take place in Neukolln, Berlin. With morning – early afternoon slots covering Visual Systems and afternoon – evening focusing on Typography and Storytelling, every other day graphic designers hailing from Berlin will also be on board to showcase their own work and offer guidance.

Recent collaborations by the husband and wife team Lorenz and Asensio include ‘Pretty Ugly – Visual Rebellion in Design’, a graphic design and style book which examines the aesthetic diversity that has emerged across several hundred years. Looking at examples such as The Young Ladies of Avignon by Picasso, Pretty Ugly “makes clear that creative leadership in today’s design world is less a matter of skilled craft and more about mastering elements that give one’s work a unique visual identity” (


The teaching work of TwoPoints.Net began as simple workshops at various institutions and events which in turn developed into regular placements at 5 separate design schools. Since 2009 they have created, organized and directed two postgraduate degree programs, indicating how the extent of their knowledge and skills can provide valuable insight for their students.

As stated on their website, the pair believe that “design can’t be learned by studying, design has to be learned by doing”, a strong theme that shall appear within their Design Werkstatt. The concept of the workshop is an environment for designers to improve their existing talents and abilities under the guidance of Lorenz and Asensio. Confirmed guest speakers at this point also include Serge Rompza, the co-founder and partner of Berlin and Oslo-based design studio Node and HelloMe.

“All of our teaching experience has made us wonder: How should design be learned nowadays? Design Werkstatt is our answer,” Lorenz explains.

The TwoPoints.Net Design Werkstatt cost €650 each or €1000 to attend both. To find out more go to