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Type Worship is now the official blog of 8 Faces magazine, and will be sharing exclusive content from the acclaimed typography biannual by Elliot Jay Stocks. 8 Faces is a magazine dedicated to showcasing beautiful typography. Each copy is printed on heavy stock with a foil-blocked cover, and with only 2000 pressed of each biannual issue they become a true collector’s item. According to the creators, 8 Faces is “more at home on your bookshelf than in your magazine rack” as a work of design. At the core of the 8 Faces concept is the question, “if you could only use eight typefaces for the rest of your life, which would you choose? ”. This question is then posed to eight leading designers in each issue, whose backgrounds include web design, print design, illustration, and type design.


8 Faces is the brainchild of Elliot Jay Stocks, who we also featured here on as the designer of the new Smashing Magazine layout. Stocks calls himself a designer “as it’s a nice umbrella term for the web design / print design / illustration / branding work that I do” and he also speaks at numerous conferences around the world and writes about design for a variety of on and offline publications.


All 4 of the previously released printed versions of 8 Faces magazines are now sold out, but are available as PDF downloads on the website. #4, the most recent edition, has a cover by Jessica Hische and is printed on metallic stock with white ink and foil-blocking. The latest issue also features interviews with John Boardley, Craig Mod, Kris Sowersby, Doug Wilson, Nadine Chahine,David Březina, and Silas Dilworth and Neil Summerour of TypeTrust.


Type worship is the brainchild of James Clarke who is the Co Founder and Director of design agency Thin Martian. The blog, which began in 2011, features inspiring and creative letterforms. Clarke announced recently the partnership with 8 Faces Magazine via the Tumblr blog, saying “in addition to the inspirational typography and beautiful letterforms we’ll also be sharing exclusive content from Elliot Jay Stocks’ coveted typography biannual, featuring mini-interviews with big-name designers, previews of their artwork and sneak-peaks of forthcoming magazine content.” (via Type Worship).

In the last year Type Worship has gained over 35,000 followers on Tumblr and will continue to publish the popular content via

Elliot Jay Stocks: “As we were chatting about Type Worship joining the family, everything just kind of fell into place. I’m really, really excited about this partnership.”