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Victionary have published Typoholic, a collection of type projects and a celebration of type in book format.

The book features a diverse collection of type projects, including illustrated type, sculptural type as well as inflatable and photographically created letterforms and alphabets. The collection depicts typography from a wide range of design outcomes such as record sleeves, marketing and advertising collateral, graphic identities, as well as art projects.

Typoholic is a 288 page volume with a soft cover, and actually functions as two books; by opening it in one format the reader is taken to a section entitled Typoholic Font to Form, an area which focuses on type-related projects. When read the other way and flipped over, the book contains Typoholic A to Z, a compendium of contemporary illustrated typefaces.

According to publisher and editor Victionary, “From digital types to real life installations, Typoholic is a thorough review of modern type-making that makes the core of communication itself.” The book is said to introduce “40 new illustrative and animated type families that come in a narrative package of alphabets, numbers and punctuations, followed by 200 colourful pages of ad-hoc projects featuring custom type designs as logo marks, campaign installations and editorial art”

Creative Review says “The common thread throughout is that all the type compiled here is not of the carefully rendered text variety produced meticulously by type foundries, but rather showcases type at its most playful, experimental and exuberant. Prepare to find type formed out of food, inflatable sculptures, plants, and even train sets. Here are some images to give you a flavour of the content.” (via Creative Review).

typoholic book

images via Creative Review

Victionary is part of Viction Workshop Ltd., founded by Victor Cheung in 2001 in Hong Kong. The company describes themselves as “young creative multi-dimensional workshop born to create vibrant visual experience to inspire and ignite the sense of people, inside and outside of the industry.” viction:ary, the publishing arm, was established “as an identity to emphasize the strength of collaborative efforts in the area of visual communication.”

Designer Stuart Whitton, whose creative typography work “Alphabet” is featured in the book says, “My Alphabet can be seen next to a number of excellent pieces of work from top creatives that makes this book a hub for inspiration and well worth a look.” (via Alphabet is currently on display at the London office of CHI & Partners and can also be purchased as a limited edition print from the designer’s online store.

Designer Michelle Allen says “The cover is beautifully designed and is just aching to be touched. Inside, the content seems to cover every facet of the typographical spectrum… clean swiss typography sits happily next to chaotic illustrative lettering.”