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The leading media company catering to all of Hispanic America, Univision has released a new rebrand designed by Wolff Olins. The new logo, evocative of a human heart and three-dimensional in appearance, is a vibrant new take on Univision’s prior logo, which represented the company for nearly 50 years since the companies inception as one small TV station in San Antonio, Texas in 1962.


President and CEO of Univision released a statement saying…

“The launch of our new brand logo kicks-off a new era at Univision that speaks to who we are as a company and that we are a direct reflection of the Hispanic community we serve – multidimensional, dynamic, modern and bold,” He also went on to say “We are proud to be ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry, and our new brand identity will now illustrate how far Univision has come in its 50-year history. We’ve evolved from a single Spanish-language network to a multimedia portfolio, connecting with multiple generations of Hispanic Americans, while continuing to embody the passion, courage, ingenuity and tenacity that are the fundamental values of Hispanic culture.”


Here’s a look at the full transformation:

Univision-2-Transform.jpgSource: Wolff Olins

“Univision has tremendous brand equity”, Falco continued to say; “on par with Apple, Coca-Cola and Kleenex – that far outpaces that of any other media company. Our unparalleled connection and leadership with our audience compels us to evolve with them. It is our duty and our ambition to leverage this incredible brand equity to celebrate our culture and connect America to the 52 million Hispanics in the United States. Through our steadfast commitment to informing, entertaining and empowering the Hispanic community, we are and always will be the ‘Hispanic Heartbeat of America.’ Our new identity is a symbol of this promise and just one of many exciting new developments to come.”

The launch of the updated logo and new brand identity was developed in collaboration with Wolff Olins.

Jordan Crane, Creative Director of Wolff Olins talks about partnering with Univision. “As Univision’s brand partner, our work included the development of the brand story, definition of the brand expression and the resulting logo that delivers on the organization’s business growth goals and reflects its transformation into a thriving multimedia company. Wolff Olins is thrilled to have played a part in helping Univision further strengthen its ambition and unshakable commitment to the Hispanic American population and culture.”


Here’s a look at some of their variety of other new marks to complement the new icon:

Univision-3-Logo.jpgImage Source

Univision-4-Logo.jpgImage Source

Univision-5-Logo.jpgImage Source

Univision-6-Logo.jpgImage Source

Univision-7-Logo.jpgImage Source

Ruth Gaviria, senior vice president of Corporate Marketing explains “The new ‘heart’ logo joins the quadrants that were previously separated, representing unity, collaboration and the merging of cultures in the U.S not to mention Univision’s integration across its platforms.”

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