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US Speedskating is a non-profit organization recognized by the United States Olympic Committee and the International Skating Union as the governing body for the sport of speedskating in the United States. Its mission is to be one of the premier speed skating organizations in the world through excellence in leadership, development and performance.

To date, US Speedskating has won 85 Olympic medals, making it the most successful winter sport in the U.S. In addition to its elite programs, US Speedskating is responsible for the grassroots development of speed skating. As the national speed skating team athletes return to training for the 2011-2012 season this week, US Speedskating is excited to unveil a new brand identity for the federation today.

The innovative new logo – created through a collaboration between US Speedskating athletes, stakeholders and US Speedskating’s creative agency and sponsor StruckAxiom – has been designed with a nod to the sport’s long-standing tradition of excellence and patriotism, while also articulating the speed and grace of its athletes.


“Entering a new Olympic quadrennial brings the opportunity to break out in a new direction,” said US Speedskating Executive Director and two-time Olympian Mark Greenwald. “Our brand is about world class performance. StruckAxiom, along with our marketing staff and a team of focused individuals, worked together to articulate and elevate our brand, helping to place a new face on the organization and on our new direction. The new logo incorporates a great many aspects of our sport, including the turns of a skating oval, and the “s” for speedskating, but I like to think of the “s” image on the shield standing for success.”

The new brand, created around the powerful theme of a shield, and incorporating the patriotic color palate of red, white, blue and silver, also allows for a unique team identity for both the long (blue palette) and short (red palette) track disciplines.

“We created a bold new look that meets a complex set of needs in a simple, graphic way,” said StruckAxiom Design Director Tosh Brown. “The mark incorporates the long and short tracks, the “U S S” letterforms, and the skating oval. The logo looks forward without neglecting the tradition of the sport, and speaks to the speed and grace of the athletes and the patriotism of the fans.”

The new logo and brand identity was made possible by US Speedskating sponsor, StruckAxiom. StruckAxiom is an award-winning creative agency with offices in Salt Lake City, New York, Los Angeles and Portland. In addition to the new brand, StruckAxiom will be integral in the design of US Speedskating’s new website, apparel and will work closely with US Speedskating to grow its brand as the organization and its athletes prepare for Sochi 2014.

I love this mark and Struck did a great job, per usual. The application looks so nice on the uniforms. This is a great refresh. I love the way that the shield is glossy, yet remains solid and rich at the same time. The shield shape is simple but it flows well with the bottom of the S. The type is bold and reads well. The only downside to the type vs. the icon in my opinion is that the mark is so rounded and the type is so blocky.

Somehow I think it works though. I think it’s fascinating and borderline genius that the old logo relies on two arches and they took that foundation and made an “S” out of it, which is prominent instead of “US”. The application is sharp, the new uniforms looks great and I love the off-color red white and blue branding (they even included silver). My only con towards the uniforms is that you lose all identity from the front view of the team.






“Rebekah Bradford and Katherine Reutter congratulate the creative team at Struck Axiom on the new US Speedskating Logo”

“Working with a company like StruckAxiom is really exciting because it opens doors to a new logo and website which can only help our sport get better,” said 2010 Olympic Silver and Bronze medalist and 2011 World Champion Katherine Reutter. “I love how the logo differentiates between long and short track, and I am looking forward to US Speedskating starting fresh with a new look for 2014.”

US Speedskating’s new brand will be showcased on team apparel and fan merchandise, and will be incorporated into the organization’s collateral materials and event signage which will debut over the next several months.