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Our friends over at Vitamin T have created a fantastic tool designed to give users a “career boost”, by aligning LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ with their MyAquent profiles. Inspired by the growing relationship between social media sites and hiring managers, Vitamin T have utilized this connection in the form of “Social Update”. Existing MyAquent profiles consist of online portfolios that allow individuals to exhibit their work to potential employers as well as showcasing relevant skills, experience and education.

Social Update enables users to sync this with other social media accounts, developing a broader personal database. This in turn maximizes the accessibility Vitamin T have, therefore increasing the chances of finding talented creatives brilliant new roles.

Social-Update-Image.jpgVitamin Talent’s Social Update tool
Photo credit: Vitamin T

We spoke to Susie Hall, president of Vitamin T, to find out more. Susie began her career with Aquent twelve years ago, initially joining as an interactive agent. She later moved across to Vitamin T, a recent division of Aquent. Aquent is the world’s largest creative talent agency. Building careers and clients throughout North America, Susie is also an advisory board member for

Here we talk to Susie and gain a little insider information about Social Update…

How exactly does your new Social Update app work, and what is the end result?

Aquent | Vitamin T talent can login to our talent portal and sync their online profile information directly to their Aquent | Vitamin T profile. The system will then port over their data from LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+, saving time and providing our agents around the globe the most current information. More information means more work!

What do you think the advantages are of using your app versus a traditional CV/Resume?

We’ve got nothing against the traditional CV/resume, but since a lot of hiring activity happens through social media, we’re giving talent the option to leverage what they already have. Often it’s easier to keep your profile updated than to reformat (and rework) a resume, and with a click, our talent can keep all our agents in the loop as they gain skills and experience.

Give us your top tips for using the app most effectively?

As our talent update their information through our Social Update, we recommend connecting directly with an agent to discuss how those new skills may impact their career goals. Our agents are also here to help brainstorm ways to become even more marketable, so while Social Update is a super cool technological enhancement, nothing replaces the human element when making great matches.

Finally, could apps such as yours revolutionize the recruitment process?

We think that as a talent agency representing awesome digital talent, we should provide a great digital experience to our talent. Our Social Update tool shows we recognize the power and importance of social media in the hiring process and are committed to continual improvement that helps our customers connect better, faster. One of the most challenging parts of the recruiting process IS keeping updated information on hand as the talent we represent continue to improve themselves. And as a huge advocate of learning (for example, our Summer of Learning free HTML5 training drew 10,000 registrants!), we want talent to keep learning – and keep us in the loop!

The concept of connecting a user’s social media profiles is highly effective, providing those seeking better prospects with an excellent platform for further online promotion. Social Update reflects the influence the digital era has had on employment opportunities, giving individuals the perfect outlet to embrace this and excel.

Read more about Vitamin T’s innovative career tool HERE.