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Wacom have launched a series of webinars to assist those working in graphic design to make the most of their tools alongside the usual graphic design software. Designing Under Pressure, a webinar run in association with Graphic Design USA, is an informative session that “pushes back the barriers of conventional design” (via

Wacom’s very own Application Specialist, Wes Maggio, will lead the webinar on February 28th. He will demonstrate how most of the everyday leading graphic design software applications have been especially designed to make specific use of Wacom technology to aid the design process. The webinar promises to “enlighten you by showing you how a Wacom tablet lets you unlock greater functionality in the tools that you use every day”, and includes sections on working with the pen, using Adobe® Photoshop® and other apps with pen-centric technology, techniques for sketching and composition, and how to work with filters and affects. Maggio will also demonstrate functionality of the Wacom pen across applications, and how to customize a tablet to use in your favorite apps.

Wacom have been the leading graphic design industry tablet suppliers since the 1990’s. Their patented pen and touch input technology “allows freedom of expression, inspired creativity, and drastic improvements in productivity, control and comfort.” (via and their products “rely on human intuition and natural movement”, making them a natural choice for designers to sketch ideas and integrate traditional working techniques and mark making with tech and graphic design software. Wacom is loved by professionals for the ease of use. Tigz Rice is a photographer and tech expert. She tells “”I have been using the Intuos range from Wacom for around 7 years now and it is an integral part of my photography editing, allowing far more fluidity in movement than I’ve ever been able to achieve with a mouse.” “The functionality of the pen allows me to utilize more of the muscles in my hand, not only improved the accuracy of my editing, but has significantly reduced RSI in both wrists”.

Wes Maggio is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop and an Application Specialist for Wacom Technology, so he knows his stuff. He has held workshops globally, and has taught at Photoshop World, Seybold, Macworld and PMA.

The webinar on the 28th of February 2012 will be from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm and is free to register.