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Designers Reynolds and Reyner led a two part initiative in 2011 which worked upon re-sculpting international brands of paints, announced by Following the success of this project they were then asked to become involved with the Finnish company Waldo Trommler Paint, a business intending to crack the American market. Aiming to make the branding stand-out whilst focusing on a vibrant visual ethos the product re-design has brought a small company into the mainstream with a bang.


The brand identity of Waldo Trommler paint is now minimal, bright and multicolored. With no one specific brand color it is a packaging design that is both striking and effective. Instantly recognizable in the US as the brief outlined, Lovely Package remark that Reynolds and Reyner have ensured that Waldo Trommler Paint encapsulates a “bright and memorable combination of colors and objects that all together form whole the entire brand”.

Reynolds and Reyner are a design team based in Kiev, Ukraine. Their style could be regarded as a strong and diverse medium that aims to join the brand to its consumer. Listing the three main principles of Reynolds and Reyner’s work they endeavour to:

– listen to the client, understand his audience and make people believe


Another remarkable project undertaken by Reynolds and Reyner is their Liverpool English Pub; a traditional English pub situated in Ukraine that, created in collaboration with marketing agency Pure, reflects the culture of Liverpool and the classical traits of an establishment of its kind in England. By exploring Liverpudlian life and analyzing the importance history plays in the town’s identity the blueprint for the pub was born.

Key aspects such as the pub’s logo were researched to the finest detail with it incorporating amongst other themes, The Liver Bird, an image inextricably linked with Liverpool. The final result being a unique development, The Liverpool English Pub certainly reflects the bold effects created by the Waldo Trommler Paint project.

As illustrated by Lovely Package the impact of the Waldo Trommler Paint re-branding project is clear to see, with consumer comments noted such as this one… “I love the packaging! It’s interesting to think about – that paint is usually packaged/wrapped in such boring design. I hope that this design inspires others to modernize their packaging.”

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