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Wix Lounge is a co-working space in New York. Close to Union Square at 10 W 18th St, the Wix Lounge is a completely free working and event space for creative professionals to drop in, work and make use of the free wireless access, coffee and printing facilities. The lounge has been open since 2012 and is run by, a free publishing platform which provides user-friendly tools for building easy-to-make desktop, mobile, and Facebook websites without coding skills. I asked Wix a few questions about the Lounge:

Wix Lounge looks like a fabulous creative co-working space – what inspired Wix to offer this to creatives?

Wix is dedicated to helping creatives and entrepreneurs thrive. Through our webtop publishing platform anyone can give their business a leg up by easily building a beautiful and professional free website. With the Wix Lounge, we can take that help a step further by providing a free work and event space for those same entrepreneurs and creatives. The same people who need an easy to build and affordable website also need a free place to get their business started and see clients.


What are the benefits of co-working with others in the creative industries?

People tend work better as part of a community than they do in isolation. A co-working space allows creatives to brainstorm, network, or even start new projects with people they may have never met otherwise. It is a fertile ground for successful collaboration.

What kind of events have been run in the past at the Wix lounge?

If you can dream it, we’ve probably hosted it. We have provided space for exhibitions, nonprofit fundraisers, book launches, networking events, theater performances, classes, and so much more. We also organize our own events geared toward featuring and providing excellent resources for Wix users. For example, we put together a panel discussion with Bigstock called Hotshot Tools for Freelancers, giving tips and suggestions for independent creatives to boost their businesses. We also organize monthly exhibits and opening parties for artists with Wix websites.


Have any collaborations arisen from the ability to work together?

We see amazing collaborations form in our space every day. Some of these happen organically. An amazing new street fashion app called was developed and launched here in the Lounge and many of the fashion designers and journalists that helped to make it happen were connections formed here in our space. Some of the collaborations come from introductions we make as an effort to support our community. We introduced a great new start-up called Ethikus, which connects NYC consumers with ethical and sustainable businesses, to T-shirt distributor Anvil Knitwear, who provided Ethikus with sustainably made T-shirts to give out for their Shop Your Values Week.

What is the atmosphere like at the lounge?

We’re lucky to have a very laid back, friendly space. Because we operate on a first-come-first-serve basis and anyone can work here, no application required, the Lounge tends to feel very egalitarian and open. We have heard repeatedly that our visitors feel very welcomed by both the staff and the other co-workers.


Are the attendees from a wide variety of areas in the creative industries, or mainly web/graphic design?

Our co-workers are incredibly diverse. That is one of our greatest strengths, and one of the great benefits of working here. A start-up nonprofit can meet a graphic designer who can help them come up with a logo. A freelance writer can meet an artist that would make an incredible story for an article. On any given day, we have co-workers representing entrepreneurs in graphic design, web design, nonprofits, fashion, photography, tech, and more.

Do you have any quotes of testimonials from co workers we could use, along with a link to them?

Some of our co-workers and event organizers have written great reviews of the Lounge on Yelp.

As well as on Loosecubes.

My favorites:

“Wix Lounge is an amazing place to host an event, work for the day if you’re traveling, or to work every day if you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and they have tons of fun and relevant events to help their community learn and grow.”

“This is a great place to get work done in the city…Wix is incredibly generous to let people use this space for free.”

“This place is amazing. Thanks to the generosity of Wix, my startup co-founder and I have a decent, well-lit place to work and meet with people in Manhattan. The wi-fi is free, the desks are free (just sign in when you arrive) and they even have free coffee, tea and water. The people that show up to work here are pretty fascinating too. Fashion industry types, internet startups, writers, students. It’s a diverse crowd, which makes it all the more fun.”

“I’ve never found a place like the WixLounge since I left NYC. The energy here is WONDERFUL. And there is such a variety of people to network with I GUARANTEE you’ll make great professional relationships.”

How has the lounge changed since opening in 2010?

We have grown exponentially. We have gone from a handful of workers a day to a constantly crowded space. Our events are bigger and more diverse, allowing us to reach out to even more creatives. The word has definitely gotten out, and we love that we now get to help so many more people.

Do you have plans to open further lounges anywhere in the US or further afield?

We have another amazing Wix Lounge in San Francisco. They also provide space for co-working and events and offer free Wix support and classes. Right now there are no plans to open further Lounges, but Wix is constantly growing and innovating, so you never know what the future may hold.

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