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Articles abound on how designers can win and keep clients but seemingly less frequent are articles on ways clients can woo and win good designers. By surveying their community of over 190,000 designers, set out to uncover the key things designers look for in a “good client”. Generally the results of 99designs “How to Woo a Designer” survey confirm that on a fundamental level designers look for what any professional might want in a client—consideration, respect and to be adequately compensated for their work.

99designs-screen2.pngBut while some of the ingredients for getting, keeping and otherwise winning the heart of a good designer might seem like common sense others may be a bit surprising. For example, the findings that “Creative challenges motivate designers more than big paychecks” and that “Designers crave client input” reveal a certain passion and dedication to the work itself beyond that of just collecting a paycheck.

It’s also worth noting that contrary to the stereotype of the hyper-sensitive design diva who turns their nose up at client input, the findings point to a desire on the part of designers for more and better communication. Which causes me to think that what clients construe as resistance to input on the part of designers and what designers construe as bad manners or blatant disrespect on the part of clients may often be attributable to a case of mis- or poor communication.

Among other interesting findings of the survey were “Designers are not overpaid—or clueless about business” and “Designers are an entrepreneurial bunch (who don’t necessarily want to work at your company)” as well as a preference for work in the arts and entertainment fields. Visit the 99design website to view an infographic illustrating the results along with an interactive commentary drawn directly from survey responses. Additional survey details and key findings can be found on 99design’s blog here.

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