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Jo Gifford is a designer, writer, blogger and founder of Cherry Sorbet Creative. Working primarily in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries her work spans graphic design for print and web, social media management and training, copywriting and editorial for on and offline publications. You will find her blogging as Dexterous Diva, on Twitter both as Dexterous Diva and Cherry Sorbet, and on Linked In.

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Folio – A Designer’s Toolkit Launches

By: Jo Gifford on Aug 7th 2012
Folio - A Designer’s Toolkit Launches

Folio, a new app and website launches this year which “exists to make finding quality digital assets easier” for designers. Many designers often have a need for an easy way to find editable, quality graphics that can be used in their work. Folio is a cloud based marketplace set up to allow content creators in the creative industries (such as graphic designers, coders, audio engineers and business professionals) a platform to quickly sell the digital content they create and... CONTINUE READING


By: Jo Gifford on Jul 31st 2012

To mark its 50th anniversary, D&AD are celebrating the designers, studios, ad agencies, creatives, directors and brands who have won the most Pencils in its history. The organization is staging a spectacular party and awards ceremony to commemorate this special birthday, which falls on 18 September 2012. It is at this event that such top ranked individuals will be recognized with a one-off award. D&AD has outlined the top ten most awarded people and businesses within each of the... CONTINUE READING

James Victore Presents: Take This Job & Love It

By: Jo Gifford on Jul 27th 2012
James Victore Presents: Take This Job & Love It

James Victore presents a fantastic one day live event entitled Take This Job & Love It taking place on September 29th this year. As highlighted by the artist/author/filmmaker/designer/fire-starter, the project is about celebrating “work, life and bucking the status quo” allowing you to “ignite your path to personal greatness and access a higher level of badass-dom”. When asked by designworklife what inspired Take This Job & Love It, Victore explained that following the release of his book ‘Victore, or... CONTINUE READING

Poll Follow Up – Do Designers Need Degrees? Poll Results With Infographic

By: Jo Gifford on Jul 20th 2012
Poll Follow Up - Do Designers Need Degrees? Poll Results With Infographic

The article I wrote on the pro’s and cons of a graphic design degree has raised a great deal of debate both here on and in social media surrounding the piece. The poll results are now in, and they make both really interesting reading and viewing thanks to the fabulous work of Killer Infographics. Firstly, the question “do you have a degree in design or a related subject” was met with 60% of responders saying yes, 32% no,... CONTINUE READING

The Graphics Behind the Olympics: LOCOG Design Team Gives CR an Exclusive Tour of Olympic Park

By: Jo Gifford on Jul 17th 2012
The Graphics Behind the Olympics: LOCOG Design Team Gives CR an Exclusive Tour of Olympic Park

The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) design team have offered Creative Review an exclusive glimpse of the Olympic Park with an all-inclusive tour. Providing an opportunity to explore the installation of thousands of graphic elements, it is details such as these that encompass the look of the 2012 Games. The LOCOG, led by Chair Seb Coe and Chief Executive Paul Deighton, is responsible for organizing, preparing and staging the London 2012 Olympic Games. There... CONTINUE READING

DBA Set to Include Clients as Members

By: Jo Gifford on Jul 12th 2012
DBA Set to Include Clients as Members

For the first time in its 25 year history, the Design Business Association is set to include clients as members. The DBA passed the resolution at its Annual General Meeting on Monday 2 July 2012, an event which was then followed by 25th Anniversary celebrations at the Heron Tower, London. It has been announced that seven founding client business members have been chosen. These are- Diageo, Buro Happold, HSBC Private Bank, Nestle, GSK Glaxo SmithKline, Arup and Virgin Atlantic.... CONTINUE READING

TwoPoints.Net in Barcelona Start Their Own Teaching Initiative Called Design Werkstatt

By: Jo Gifford on Jul 9th 2012
TwoPoints.Net in Barcelona Start Their Own Teaching Initiative Called Design Werkstatt

Barcelona based design duo TwoPoints.Net are embarking upon a new project; a teaching initiative called Design Werkstatt (which translated means Design Workshop). TwoPoints.Net consists of Martin Lorenz and Lupi Asensio, graphic designers with German, Dutch and Spanish roots between them. Their specialties are based around Visual Identity, Editorial Design, Web Design and Illustration. Compiling bold and diverse portfolios they have a unique style, reflected in both an international clientele and their teaching work. Teaching since 2005, they then set... CONTINUE READING

WPP Set to Aquire AKQA Assets

By: Jo Gifford on Jul 6th 2012
WPP Set to Aquire AKQA Assets

WPP, a world leader in marketing communications, announced on the 20th June that it has agreed to acquire the assets of global digital agency AKQA. AKQA was founded in 2001 and is now the world’s leading independent and most awarded digital agency famed for its’ innovative approach and outstanding creativity. Since formation 11 years ago, AKQA quickly established a reputation as an agency to watch; combining creativity and technology, the agency provides integrated digital communications campaigns spanning social media,... CONTINUE READING

Rolling Stones Logo Updated for 50th Anniversary

By: Jo Gifford on Jul 5th 2012
Rolling Stones Logo Updated for 50th Anniversary

Designer Shepard Fairey has updated the iconic Rolling Stones tongue logo in honor of the band’s 50th anniversary. The original logo was designed by John Pasche, a student of the Royal College of Art in London and appeared on the Sticky Fingers album sleeve in 1971. Pasche was commissioned in 1969 by lead singer of The Stones Mick Jagger, who disliked some draft designs which had been provided by the band’s record label, Decca Records. “The design concept for... CONTINUE READING

Results of The Dieline Package Design Awards

By: Jo Gifford on Jun 29th 2012
Results of The Dieline Package Design Awards

Presented by Inwork, The Dieline has announced the winners of this year’s Package Design Awards. All entries were made between Dec 1st, 2010 and Dec 31st, 2011. Last week on June 22nd, Inwork presented The Dieline Package Design Awards during the HOW Design Live. HOW Design Live was a conference made up of four parts, with Dieline being one of these. The conference provided delegates with the opportunity to network with creative and dynamic industry insiders and a chance... CONTINUE READING

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