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Jo Gifford is a designer, writer, blogger and founder of Cherry Sorbet Creative. Working primarily in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries her work spans graphic design for print and web, social media management and training, copywriting and editorial for on and offline publications. You will find her blogging as Dexterous Diva, on Twitter both as Dexterous Diva and Cherry Sorbet, and on Linked In.

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Is a Graphic Design Degree Necessary? (Poll Article)

By: Jo Gifford on Jun 25th 2012
Is a Graphic Design Degree Necessary? (Poll Article)

As a graphic designer, there are usually two main routes to the workplace; a graphic design degree followed by a junior designer role, or an internship or junior position to gain work experience before moving up the ladder from there. In a global economic crisis, what use is a graphic design degree to aspiring designers, and what emphasis should be put on design education? In the UK, 41% of all designers hold a degree level qualification and as many... CONTINUE READING

Queen’s Jubilee Pantone Swatch

By: Jo Gifford on Jun 22nd 2012
Queen's Jubilee Pantone Swatch

Pantone have created a Jubilee themed Pantone swatch in honor of the Queen’s Jubilee year 2012. The project is in collaboration with Leo Burnett, and is a limited edition color guide to “mark the Queen’s fashion-forward color statements”. It is intended to be a “full spectrum of perfectly color coordinated ensembles” and city dates and occasions worn for a range of dresses. Leo Burnett is a global agency with offices in Bangkok, Bogota, Bucharest, Caracas, Dublin, Istanbul, Lisbon, MENA,... CONTINUE READING

Facebook Launches Agency Education Scheme and Creative Council at Cannes 2012

By: Jo Gifford on Jun 20th 2012
Facebook Launches Agency Education Scheme and Creative Council at Cannes 2012

Facebook, the social networking giant, announced at Cannes 2012 that it will be launching an education tool for agencies and a “Creative Council”. Facebook Studio Edge is a learning program designed to keep agencies up to date on the Social Network’s latest products and best practices. Users can interact with short 10-to-15 minute courses on topics covering pages, apps, and ads. Studio Edge will sit within the revamped homepage of its advertising showcase portal, Facebook Studio which was launched... CONTINUE READING


By: Jo Gifford on Jun 15th 2012

AT&T presents Daybreak, an online initiative created with the help of BBDO New York and producer Tim Kring. Designed to showcase five online films, uses this cinematic series to provide a new experience for viewers, telling a story via a variety of multimedia techniques. In addition to the five films, two websites and a smartphone app allow exploration of this exciting and elaborate journey. The multi-layered depiction tells the story of a dodecahedron which is a 12 sided... CONTINUE READING

Q&A with Austin McGhie

By: Jo Gifford on Jun 15th 2012
Q&A with Austin McGhie

Q&A with Austin McGhie, president of the Strategy Group at Sterling Brands and author of the newly released, BRAND is a Four Letter Word. Q. What has been the biggest shift in marketing in recent times? A. This one’s easy. The biggest shift in marketing has been the biggest shift in our lives in general: the Internet. Not that many years ago, marketing was understood to be a fairly one-way process. You tried to hammer home your messages and... CONTINUE READING

BRAND is a Four Letter Word, the New Book Written by Austin McGhie, is Now Available Both in Bookstores and Online

By: Jo Gifford on Jun 14th 2012
BRAND is a Four Letter Word, the New Book Written by Austin McGhie, is Now Available Both in Bookstores and Online

McGhie holds the belief that every marketing problem or opportunity can be framed as a positioning exercise, and his new book BRAND is a Four Letter Word: Positioning and The Real Art of Marketing covers such topics as “What the Hell is a Brand Anyway?”, “Brand Architecture – A Positioning Puzzle” and “Advertising – And the Need for Radical Re-engineering”. McGhie discusses what the word “brand” means in our current society, and gives advice on how to create your... CONTINUE READING

Ray Bradbury

By: Jo Gifford on Jun 8th 2012
Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury, the accomplished literary author, died yesterday morning in Los Angeles, at the age of 91. One of America’s most admired writers, Bradbury penned many well-known titles including The Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451 and Something Wicked This Way Comes. As Bradbury’s grandson recounts to io9, “His legacy lives on in his monumental body of books, film, television and theater, but more importantly, in the minds and hearts of anyone who read him, because to read him was to... CONTINUE READING

The Letterpress Monster

By: Jo Gifford on Jun 5th 2012
The Letterpress Monster is the brand new website from designer and printer Ian Gabb. The Royal College of Art’s letterpress technician, Gabb, displays his own work through the site as well as showcasing a personal collection made up of record covers, matchbox labels, postcards and posters. Gabb acquired the nickname The Letterpress Monster twelve years ago in his work as a technician, a moniker coined by his students. The site itself was created by Julia, a London-based studio that is made... CONTINUE READING

The Nike (Logo) Project

By: Jo Gifford on Jun 3rd 2012
The Nike (Logo) Project

Nike, arguably the most successful name in global sportswear, has launched an exhibition chronicling the past 30 years or so, entitled the ‘Nike Logo Project’. Showcasing the brand’s numerous, evolving, logos, the Sole Movement team introduce this, an exhibit that allows you to delve into the archive of a complete design history. Having operated under several different logos from the past to present day, the chance to observe these genres means you can get a feel for the classics... CONTINUE READING

Nokia Releases Font to Work in Any Language

By: Jo Gifford on May 30th 2012
Nokia Releases Font to Work in Any Language

London based typographic designer Dalton Maag has set up an exciting new font for Nokia that works globally and across any language. ‘Nokia Pure’ is part of the rebranding process of the Finnish company that amassed more than $48 billion in revenue in 2011. Despite this, due to the vast competition in what has become the world of the smartphone, Nokia’s market shares have in fact diminished. Therefore, this unique selling point is seen as the breakthrough needed to... CONTINUE READING

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