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Jo Gifford is a designer, writer, blogger and founder of Cherry Sorbet Creative. Working primarily in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries her work spans graphic design for print and web, social media management and training, copywriting and editorial for on and offline publications. You will find her blogging as Dexterous Diva, on Twitter both as Dexterous Diva and Cherry Sorbet, and on Linked In.

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Interactive Things Have Published a Set of the Best Tools for Data Visualization

By: Jo Gifford on May 25th 2012
Interactive Things Have Published a Set of the Best Tools for Data Visualization

Interactive Things have published a set of the best tools for data visualization, on their site, Data Visualization. is published, built and maintained by Interactive Things, a design and technology studio located in Zürich, Switzerland. Interactive Things provide User Experience, Interaction Design and Data Visualization services for a range of clients including work for educational institutes, NGOs, personal finance services, tele­communi­cation companies and international banks. Author of the collected resource post, Benjamin Wiederkehr is UX & Production Lead... CONTINUE READING

Designer Develops Alternative Olympics Identity in Defense of Restrictions

By: Jo Gifford on May 23rd 2012
Designer Develops Alternative Olympics Identity in Defense of Restrictions

UK designer Roy McCarthy has developed an alternative Olympics brand, intended for people to celebrate the Games in their own environment. McCarthy was inspired by an interview on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show last weekend in the UK, during which Lord Coe was questioned about legislation around the use of the London 2012 branding. Coe’s remarks were later quoted by Owen Gibson in The Guardian, saying that the legislation was essential “in protecting the sponsors who come to the... CONTINUE READING

Visual Editions: Kapow!

By: Jo Gifford on May 12th 2012
Visual Editions: Kapow!

Publisher Visual Editions released their fourth book, Kapow! A new book by British writer Adam Thirlwell, Kapow! has been published by London based experimental publishers Visual Editions. “As visually acrobatic and giddy as the story it tells”, Kapow! is “exploding with unfolding pages and multiple directions” – the story is narrated through creative typography and experimental page layout that demands the reader to engage, to scan the pages and text in a new, challenging way that reflects the story,... CONTINUE READING

DIY Site Launched by Zach Klein

By: Jo Gifford on May 10th 2012
DIY Site Launched by Zach Klein

DIY is the latest project by internet entrepreneur Zach Klein. DIY is an innovative venture designed to enable children to showcase their creative work and publish it online in a safe and monitored environment. Says DIY, “We’ve all seen how kids can be like little MacGyvers. They’re able to take anything apart, recycle what you’ve thrown away – or if they’re Caine, build their own cardboard arcade. This is play, but it’s also creativity and it’s a valuable skill.... CONTINUE READING

Mark Blamire Re-designs the Poster for Irvine Welsh’s Latest Film, Ecstasy

By: Jo Gifford on May 8th 2012
Mark Blamire Re-designs the Poster for Irvine Welsh’s Latest Film, Ecstasy

Graphic designer Mark Blamire has re-designed the promotional material for Ecstasy, the latest film by novelist Irvine Welsh. The film, an adaptation of the novel by Welsh, is prequel to the now infamous and iconic movie Trainspotting. The film is a dark romantic comedy film adaptation of the short story The Undefeated, from the best-selling book Ecstasy. Directed by Rob Heydon, the film stars Adam Sinclair as Lloyd Buist, a drug addict who smuggles ecstasy from Amsterdam, alongside Kristin... CONTINUE READING

Stanley Donwood’s LA Show

By: Jo Gifford on May 4th 2012
Stanley Donwood’s LA Show

Artist and designer Stanley Donwood’s latest show is currently on display at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles, entitled “Lost Angeles”. The main piece of work in the show is an 18-foot panoramic piece depicting the City of Angels being destroyed by fire, flood and meteor storm in an apocalyptic illustration. The current show is a follow up to his 2006 London Views collection, which depicted London in the throes of being consumed by fire and flood. He says of... CONTINUE READING

Typoholic – A Book

By: Jo Gifford on Apr 27th 2012
Typoholic - A Book

Victionary have published Typoholic, a collection of type projects and a celebration of type in book format. The book features a diverse collection of type projects, including illustrated type, sculptural type as well as inflatable and photographically created letterforms and alphabets. The collection depicts typography from a wide range of design outcomes such as record sleeves, marketing and advertising collateral, graphic identities, as well as art projects. Typoholic is a 288 page volume with a soft cover, and actually... CONTINUE READING

Adobe CS6 Beta Goes to Launch

By: Jo Gifford on Apr 25th 2012
Adobe CS6 Beta Goes to Launch

Design and creative industries software giant Adobe have released their latest version of Creative Suite – CS6. Launched in San Francisco on the 23rd of April, the latest version of Creative Suite now moves from Beta to fully functioning applications available either as full priced downloads or as the eagerly awaited Creative Cloud package. Adobe Creative Suite 6 consists of 14 applications available in combinations of four different packages – Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium, Adobe... CONTINUE READING

Jamie Shovlin Re-imagined 17 Covers for the Fontana Modern Masters Series

By: Jo Gifford on Apr 23rd 2012
Jamie Shovlin Re-imagined 17 Covers for the Fontana Modern Masters Series

Designer and artist Jamie Shovlin has re-imagined 17 covers from the iconic Fontana Modern Masters Series for his forthcoming show at the Haunch of Venison gallery. The show, entitled “Various Arrangements”, is an exhibition of new works by the British conceptual artist Jamie Shovlin and presents a series of seventeen new and large-scale paintings based on the cover designs of the Fontana Modern Masters series. The series is a set of pocket guides published in the 1970s which focuses... CONTINUE READING

Design is a Job

By: Jo Gifford on Apr 18th 2012
Design is a Job

“So I wrote you a book. It has a spine and by the time you’re done reading so will you.” Mike Moneteiro, co-founder and Design Director of Mule Design has penned the latest release from A Book Apart. His 135 page guide, Design Is a Job tackles difficult issues head-on. Problems such as working with contracts, collaborating with other designers, deciding what to charge and dealing with clients are all covered. The book has a foreword by Erik Spiekermann,... CONTINUE READING

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