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Julia is the Editor and Marketing Director of GraphicDesign.com. With over 7 years experience in marketing and affiliates as well as being fluent in 4 languages, she is accustomed to playing an integral part in all public and consumer communication in developing corporate awareness and publicity.

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By: Julia Wild on Jul 24th 2012
graphic design default

Want to be part of graphicdesign.com student council in conjunction with creativeinterns.com? We are taking applications for members to participate. If you are serious about wanting to kickstart your creative career then this is the opportunity for you… If interested, email Julia (julia at graphicdesign dot com) and marc (marc at creativeinterns dot com) for a phone interview. Please email us with your resume and tell us a little bit about yourself! What is the role or purpose of... CONTINUE READING

How Interactive Conference 2012 Promo Code – Get $50 Off!

By: Julia Wild on Jul 24th 2012
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Use Promo Code: DESIGNSF Save $50 on HOW Interactive Design Conference Registration! Washington DC ٠ September 27 – 29, 2012 (It was a GREAT Success!) San Francisco CA ٠ October 29 – 31, 2012 Many of you will have read graphicdesign.com’s coverage of HOW Design Live which took place in June. Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch attended the event and from the write-up it truly sounded like an amazing conference to have attended. GraphicDesign.com also covered HOW Interactive in Washington D.C. which... CONTINUE READING

GraphicDesign.com Gathering in NYC

By: Julia Wild on Jul 18th 2012
GraphicDesign.com Gathering in NYC

On Monday July 9th GraphicDesign.com had a gathering in New York City. We would like to thank all those who attended. It was fantastic to meet some of our writers, advisory board and partners in person. The evening took place at the Liberty NYC where everyone enjoyed (well I hope they did!) wine, beer and food! It was great to see everyone chatting to each other and in some cases make new acquaintances/friends. Hopefully we will be able to... CONTINUE READING

Creatives Heading to Boston for HOW Design Live – Discount for GraphicDesign.com Readers

By: Julia Wild on Jun 5th 2012
Creatives Heading to Boston for HOW Design Live - Discount for GraphicDesign.com Readers

It’s amazing how time flies by. Back in April I interviewed Ilise Benun and SueAnn Stein to find out more about the four events at HOW Design Live to help our readers decide which of the four would suit them the best. If you didn’t read or listen to the interview you can do so HERE. Now, in around 3 weeks times there are going to be thousands of creative professionals making their way to Boston to take part... CONTINUE READING

One-on-One with Nick Roach of Elegant Themes + Poll Question

By: Julia Wild on May 29th 2012
One-on-One with Nick Roach of Elegant Themes + Poll Question

One of the largest sites offering WordPress themes is Elegant Themes. With nearly 100 themes created to date, Elegant Themes takes the approach that “less than more.” Rather than pack each WordPress theme with flashy graphics, superfluous features, and content on top of content, Elegant Themes keeps its designs clean and, well, “elegant.” The site sells to customers and developers using a yearly subscription model. GraphicDesign caught up with Elegant Themes founder and designer Nick Roach, who shared his... CONTINUE READING

Soft Launch of GraphicDesign.com

By: Julia Wild on Apr 17th 2012
Soft Launch of GraphicDesign.com

It’s still a work in progress but the new GraphicDesign.com is officially live and, wow, how much better does it look now? Thanks to a very enthusiastic and helpful advisory board and team here at GraphicDesign.com we hope to serve the graphic design industry in a positive way. GraphicDesign.com has been under development for a while now. As a leading source of news and information devoted entirely to the graphic design industry as well as featuring a directory of... CONTINUE READING

HOW Design Conference 2012

By: Julia Wild on Apr 1st 2012
HOW Design Conference 2012

With the HOW Design Conference coming up, I thought I’d find out a little more about the event. There are a total of four events that take place concurrently over a period of 4 days. But which one should one attend? Or is it worth attending all four? Ilise Benun, owner of marketing-mentor.com and national speaker / founder of the Creative Freelancer Conference (with HOW magazine) and SueAnn Stein, Marketing Manager of HowDesign Live, tell me all about it…... CONTINUE READING

Interview with DeeDee Gordon from Sterling Brands. Sneak Peek of the the-Collaboratory Re-Design!

By: Julia Wild on Mar 27th 2012
Interview with DeeDee Gordon from Sterling Brands. Sneak Peek of the the-Collaboratory Re-Design!

Q: So DeeDee, you are renowned as a youth-culture expert and trend researcher. How and when did it all start? A: When I was younger I started consulting with a number of companies selling trends. I realized that these companies and brands didnʼt have a lot of accurate information about what was happening in youth culture. At the time, there was a huge need gap for information like this. Thatʼs how the light bulb initially went off for me.... CONTINUE READING

Exciting Times at GraphicDesign.com – Advisory Board growing and next the site re-design!

By: Julia Wild on Mar 7th 2012
graphic design default

It has been an exciting couple of weeks here at GraphicDesign.com! The GraphicDesign.com Advisory Board is coming on amazingly well. With an enthusiastic team of people and with them coming from different areas of expertise it’s time for us to start the listening. You will have noticed on this blog that we recently introduced a few of our newest board members including Debbie Millman, kHyal, Ilise Benun, Karl Heine, Von Glitschka and Ilene Strizver. Now with over 20 members... CONTINUE READING

Graffiti – Street Art or a Criminal Offence?

By: Julia Wild on Mar 3rd 2012
Graffiti – Street Art or a Criminal Offence?

After reading Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch’s article on Graffiti Art and most recently traveling to Berlin I really started to think about graffiti – is it street art or is it a crime? Some graffiti artists are in jail whilst their work is exhibited in a gallery. How does that make any sense? There is a lot of Graffiti in Berlin and to be honest it is pretty amazing. In the 1980s political slogans and general comments on the current situation... CONTINUE READING

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