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Matt Cannon is a Freelance Graphic Designer & Creative Director living in Brooklyn, NY. He was born with a computer mouse in hand and hasn’t put it down since. He has over 10 years of experience designing strong, effective corporate brand identity and specializes in website composites, logos, print and brainstorming and designing user interfaces for web and mobile environments. Check out his portfolio and read more of his articles here.

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“The Creativity Workshop” Impact on Graphic Designers: An Interview with Founder, Shelly Berc

By: Matt Cannon on May 30th 2013
“The Creativity Workshop” Impact on Graphic Designers: An Interview with Founder, Shelly Berc

She believes that creativity is a common denominator of humanity and she is passionate about educating individuals and organizations about how to develop this uniquely human gift. Berc emphasizes that many of the creative thinking processes that a scientist, a CEO, and an artist go through are extremely similar, even though the outcomes are as different as can be. In 2000, she left academia to dedicate herself wholly to The Creativity Workshop, which she founded in 1993 with Alejandro... CONTINUE READING

LIVESTRONG Foundation Drops Lance from their Logo

By: Matt Cannon on May 16th 2013
LIVESTRONG Foundation Drops Lance from their Logo

The LIVESTRONG Foundation provides free cancer support services to help people cope with the financial, emotional and practical challenges that accompany the disease. With its iconic yellow LIVESTRONG wristband, the Foundation has become a symbol of hope and inspiration around the world. Since its inception, the Foundation has served 2.5 million people affected by the disease and raised more than $500 million to support cancer survivors. One of America’s top cancer non-profit organizations, the Foundation enjoys a four-star rating... CONTINUE READING

Cabot Corporation Debuts New Brand Identity

By: Matt Cannon on May 8th 2013
Cabot Corporation Debuts New Brand Identity

Cabot Corporation is a global specialty chemicals and performance materials company, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The company is the leading producer of rubber and specialty grade carbon black, activated carbon, inkjet colorants, cesium formate drilling fluids, fumed silica, aerogel, and elastomer composites. Safe Harbor Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: Statements in the press release regarding Cabot’s business that are not historical facts are forward looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. For a discussion... CONTINUE READING

A Web Designer’s Guide to Color (Part One)

By: Matt Cannon on May 3rd 2013
A Web Designer's Guide to Color (Part One)

Color has numerous psychological effects on the brain. The choices a designer makes for a website can play heavily on the way the audience reacts to the site. Color invokes emotion through visual stimulation, and brings depth to design. Colors can even be audience specific, such as age or gender. It can be overwhelming to deal with at first but not to worry I have laid out five tips that will help you avoid any future color disasters. Look... CONTINUE READING

Space Channel’s Down-to-Earth Rebrand

By: Matt Cannon on Apr 22nd 2013
Space Channel’s Down-to-Earth Rebrand

Also home to upcoming original programs ORPHAN BLACK, PANIC BUTTON, and BITTEN, Space content is always available at, and on Facebook, @SpaceChannel, and other social media platforms. Pushing in a brand new direction with a clean, simplistic new look aimed to separate itself from “all things sci-fi” and into a broader spectrum of genres. With the new look moving past their previous outdated mark and new direction, I see nothing stopping this rebrand from being an absolute success.... CONTINUE READING

5 Quick Tips to Design an Awesome Facebook Cover Photo

By: Matt Cannon on Apr 17th 2013
5 Quick Tips to Design an Awesome Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook Cover Photo gives us an opportunity to give our personal, business and entertainment pages personality and often gives way for pioneer designers to come up with inventive ideas. It’s important to know the basics of this realm for your own use as well as for other clients. Here are 5 Quick Tips for an Awesome Facebook Cover Photo Design as well as some great visual references for inspiration. 1. Know Your Dimensions Cover photos are 851 pixels wide... CONTINUE READING

Broadcast Music Inc. Plays to a Different Tune

By: Matt Cannon on Apr 11th 2013
Broadcast Music Inc. Plays to a Different Tune

In 1939, BMI created a groundbreaking open-door policy becoming the only performing rights organization to welcome and represent the creators of blues, jazz, country, and American roots music. Today, the musical compositions in BMI’s repertoire, from chart toppers to perennial favorites span all genres of music and are consistently among the most- performed hits of the year. The organization recently launched a new corporate positioning campaign focused on its leadership, heritage and innovation within the music industry. The new... CONTINUE READING

Top 10 Logo Design Tips (Part One)

By: Matt Cannon on Apr 5th 2013
Top 10 Logo Design Tips (Part One)

A logo can inspire recognition, trust and respect for a product or organization. It’s our duty as a designer to create an amazing iconic logo and a beautiful brand identity to back that up. According to Smashing Magazine, to understand what a logo is, we first must understand what the main purpose of logos are. The design process must aim to make the logo immediately recognizable, inspiring trust, admiration, loyalty and an implied superiority. Here are 10 tips to... CONTINUE READING

Mozilla Unleashes a New Fox and a Mobile OS

By: Matt Cannon on Apr 1st 2013
Mozilla Unleashes a New Fox and a Mobile OS

Blazingly fast, the Fox doesn’t play by the rules. It is everywhere you need it to be—a force for good that powers your mobile world, ignites your imagination, protects you and your identity, and supercharges your life. Lively, swift, and agile, the Fox puts freedom in your hands. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, attendees from the world’s largest mobile companies will experience first hand what Firefox OS brings to the world and spend time with The Fox. Last... CONTINUE READING

Electric Visual Re-positions their Brand Identity with a Hip New Volt

By: Matt Cannon on Mar 25th 2013
Electric Visual Re-positions their Brand Identity with a Hip New Volt

Today, Electric designs and markets an extensive line of sunglasses, snow goggles, backpacks, luggage and accessories through a primarily action sport and sporting good global retail network including the Americas, Europe, Japan, China and Australasia. After over twelve years running strong in the action sports market, Electric is refreshing its brand with a newly designed logo, strategy and products. The sophistication of Electric’s products, influences, goals and interests developed alongside the rapidly evolving market, highlighting the need to refresh... CONTINUE READING

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