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Matt Cannon is a Freelance Graphic Designer & Creative Director living in Brooklyn, NY. He was born with a computer mouse in hand and hasn’t put it down since. He has over 10 years of experience designing strong, effective corporate brand identity and specializes in website composites, logos, print and brainstorming and designing user interfaces for web and mobile environments. Check out his portfolio and read more of his articles here.

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Billboard’s New Look is a Hit

By: Matt Cannon on Mar 18th 2013
Billboard’s New Look is a Hit

Since 1966, the magazine’s familiar masthead identity has featured lettering with strong circular forms that suggested records (and later CDs) and kicky “mod” colors. As part of the refresh, the logo has been completely redrawn to emphasize the basic geometry of the name, creating a typeface that echoes the circles of the original and still looks “pop.” The designers have set the name entirely in lowercase, tightened the spacing and, perhaps most importantly, removed the colors from the circles.... CONTINUE READING

Top 5 Business Card Design Mistakes (Part Two)

By: Matt Cannon on Mar 12th 2013
Top 5 Business Card Design Mistakes (Part Two)

Check out Part One if you missed it 6. Handwriting Changes of Contact Information on Old Cards Giving a card to someone with an updated change in handwriting not only destroys and pollutes the design of your card it also shows a lot about your business ethics. People will automatically assume that you procrastinate and “Design New Business Cards” has been lingering on your to-do list for too long. Make sure you have new ones with the new information... CONTINUE READING

Top 5 Business Card Design Mistakes

By: Matt Cannon on Mar 8th 2013
Top 5 Business Card Design Mistakes

1. Too Much Information This isn’t a website, it’s a very small business card meant for networking, not telling your whole life story. Whoever is picking up your business card should immediately be able to find your website, email or phone number without searching for it. 2. Starting a Font War Too many fonts are never a good idea, especially if you are using more generic font choices. Don’t mix between bold, italicized and highly stylized fonts. While I... CONTINUE READING

American Airlines Pushes Forward with a New Logo and Aircraft Design

By: Matt Cannon on Feb 18th 2013
American Airlines Pushes Forward with a New Logo and Aircraft Design

American Airlines is a company that prides itself on providing an exceptional travel experience across the globe, serving more than 260 airports in more than 50 countries and territories. American’s fleet of nearly 900 aircraft fly more than 3,500 daily flights worldwide from hubs in Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Miami and New York. American flies to nearly 100 international locations including important markets such as London, Madrid, Sao Paulo and Tokyo. It’s a new year and a fresh... CONTINUE READING

Top 3 Ad Campaign Attacks of All Time

By: Matt Cannon on Feb 11th 2013
Top 3 Ad Campaign Attacks of All Time

Many monopolizing companies end up in a feud between each other because quite frankly, they’re in a league where they only have one another to compete against. In my opinion, the key here is to focus on keeping the market to themselves and keep more companies from joining their circle but these companies take stabs at each other year after year through comparative advertising. Here are our Top 3 Ad Campaign Attacks of All Time: 3. Burger King vs.... CONTINUE READING

VH1 Introduces New Look and “Plus” Tagmark

By: Matt Cannon on Feb 4th 2013
VH1 Introduces New Look and “Plus” Tagmark

VH1 worked with design agency Gretel on strategy as well as the redesign of their new logo and network identity. Ad agency Hill Holiday was brought on-board to create a 360 creative launch strategy including image spots, media planning and buying, and social media work. VH1 is revealing new branding that reflects its bold and successful mash-up of music, pop culture and nostalgia programming. This is the first redesign the company has seen in 10 years. The refresh arrives... CONTINUE READING

5 Practices for an Effective Business Card Design

By: Matt Cannon on Jan 28th 2013
5 Practices for an Effective Business Card Design

Image is everything. Your business card is a visual representation of you and your entire company. It can have heavy impact on the potential clients decision making process. You must design a card that effectively sells your service as creative, dependable and professional. Here are 5 Practices for an Effective Business Card Design: 5. Give Your Business Personality Before you design your card, make sure you know what it is your business is trying to accomplish. Become the end... CONTINUE READING

Polaroid Plans to Launch Fotobar Stores and a Tablet for Kids

By: Matt Cannon on Jan 24th 2013
Polaroid Plans to Launch Fotobar Stores and a Tablet for Kids

Polaroid is recognized as one of the most trusted, well-respected brands, especially when it comes to the tech world. The roots of the company start with instant cameras and film. The companies logo is recognized worldwide. In recent years, Polaroid has expanded its range of products in consumer electronics and photography, such as instant and digital cameras, high-definition camcorders, mobile printers, tablets, flat-screen TVs and more. Polaroid will use the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as a platform to... CONTINUE READING

Chili’s Bold Rebrand Hit’s Locations Nationwide

By: Matt Cannon on Jan 17th 2013
Chili’s Bold Rebrand Hit’s Locations Nationwide

First opened in 1975 as a fun Dallas burger joint, Chili’s restaurant has become a standard amongst popular American restaurant chains. The franchise has begun to unveil a newly redesigned iconic chili pepper logo and new restaurant interior designs. The new mark, designed by San Francisco based Tesser, is a redesign of the previous Chili icon with a slick new Sari typeface for the letter S. The origins of FF Sari date back to 1983 when Hans Reichel made... CONTINUE READING

Top 5 Worst Rebrands of 2012

By: Matt Cannon on Jan 15th 2013
Top 5 Worst Rebrands of 2012

This year our readers voted “Striving too far from the original design and concepts” as the choice for corporate rebrand failure. It was also said that a “logo that has an awkward or bad wordmark” could be harmful to the brand. Please keep in mind while reading that this is an opinionated piece. After reading let us know what your top 5 worst rebrands of 2012 are! 5. Chuck E. Cheese’s Source The Chuck E. Cheese’s franchise rolled... CONTINUE READING

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