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Mirko Humbert is a graphic and web designer from Switzerland. When he's not blogging at Designer Daily or Typography Daily, he installs WordPress for free.

Mirko has authored 12 posts. Website: http://www.designer-daily.com/
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The Best Package Designs of 2013

By: Mirko Humbert on Jan 7th 2014
The Best Package Designs of 2013

However, packaging design is more than just typography, layout and color, there is a third dimension involved, and the case conception can make a huge difference between a nice and an awesome package. In this article I take a look at some of the best packages that have been designed in 2013. The packaging work you’ll find below always stands out both aesthetically and practically. A package design that is only visually appealing is great, but not enough to... CONTINUE READING

8 Ways to Make Your Work Look Better by Using Special Printing Techniques

By: Mirko Humbert on Sep 2nd 2013
8 Ways to Make Your Work Look Better by Using Special Printing Techniques

Of course, knowing the basics of typography, layout rules, color management, illustration, or any other skill that graphic designers use on a daily basis is a must. Nevertheless, some printing techniques can help you to take your work from good to great. Adding that extra touch will sometimes be costly, but it will definitely make your designs better. You should also not use these techniques without knowing what you are doing, otherwise you could end up with the opposite... CONTINUE READING

20 Fashion Illustrators That Will Rock Your World

By: Mirko Humbert on Jun 26th 2013
20 Fashion Illustrators That Will Rock Your World

Fashion is incredibly popular all over the world. Young or old, man or woman, rich or poor, people seem passionate about the ways to become better looking, more elegant or simply cool. Magazines are dedicated to this industry and regularly present awesome creations to their readers. Unfortunately, one branch in this industry doesn’t seem to get the love they deserve: fashion illustrators. 1. Arturo Elena With over 20 years of experience in the world of fashion, Arturo Elena can... CONTINUE READING

10 Must Have Photoshop Plugins (Poll Article)

By: Mirko Humbert on Sep 3rd 2012
10 Must Have Photoshop Plugins (Poll Article)

Photoshop is an amazing software, it allows you to do pretty much anything you want with a pixelated image. Whether it’s a photograph or a digital painting doesn’t really matter, the software capabilities let you turn it into something totally different if you want. Most Photoshop users don’t really take advantage of the power of this image editing tool. Amateur photographers just edit their photos or create panoramas, pre-press professionals check and eventually edit the pictures included in the... CONTINUE READING

The 10 Best Logo Redesigns of 2012 (So Far)

By: Mirko Humbert on Jul 27th 2012
The 10 Best Logo Redesigns of 2012 (So Far)

It is a difficult task for big, well-established brands to makes changes to their visual identity. Users of their products have their habits, and change is rarely welcome by them, thus large corporations have to be extra careful when redesigning their logo. The logos that were chosen for this article have sometimes been heavily criticized when released, despite being great rebranding, proving further that even a great redesign might not be good enough for the brand’s users. The DC... CONTINUE READING

The 10 Best Books for Graphic Design Students

By: Mirko Humbert on Jun 22nd 2012
The 10 Best Books for Graphic Design Students

Many experienced graphic designers somehow regret their time in design school. After ten years in the industry, a routine slowly sets up, you often work on the same projects and it makes it hard to feel as excited as you were when studying graphic design. For me, grabbing a graphic design book is one of the ways I use to re-create some of this initial enthusiasm. If you are still in a university, or any other design school, you... CONTINUE READING

Should Designers Code? (Poll Question)

By: Mirko Humbert on Jun 18th 2012
Should Designers Code? (Poll Question)

As a graphic designer, you probably went to a graphic design school and learnt all the necessary skills: typography, color management, Photoshop, Illustrator, drawing, and much more… Once you started working, it’s highly probable that your employer or one of your clients asked you if you could design websites. You probably said yes, since you can create Photoshop mockups for a website, but is that enough for a graphic designer nowadays, or should you learn how to code to... CONTINUE READING

The Best iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers

By: Mirko Humbert on Jun 7th 2012
The Best iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers

With the launch of the iPhone several years ago, Apple created the cell phone that everybody wanted. Obviously, a revolutionary gadget like this one could not be ignored by graphic designers. Designers tend to be naturally attracted to Apple’s well designed products, no wonder the iPhone became very popular among them. Of course, graphic designers bought the iPhone for it’s awesome design, wonderful features, and a little for the ego boost. However, on the long term, I would argue... CONTINUE READING

Tips and Tricks for a Better Online Portfolio

By: Mirko Humbert on Mar 15th 2012
Tips and Tricks for a Better Online Portfolio

Whether you freelance or work in a design studio, it is important for your career as a graphic designer to have a solid portfolio. It is always good to get a printed version of your work, but nowadays the best way to find new clients is probably online. If your work is well presented, you will get the opportunity to display your work worldwide instantly, or get some exposure on design blogs or even in the press. However, as... CONTINUE READING

Things You Will Not Learn in Graphic Design School

By: Mirko Humbert on Feb 25th 2012
Things You Will Not Learn in Graphic Design School

After almost ten years working as freelance graphic and web designer, there are many things I miss about my time in graphic design school. First, the environment was excellent to become better at designing; no constraints, lots of creative freedom, passionate conversations about design between classmates, interesting teachers, and much more. However, I must say that although studying graphic design taught me some solid basics about graphic design, there are areas that I did not cover in graphic design... CONTINUE READING

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