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Rafiq Elmansy is designer, book author, Adobe expert and trainer with over 12 years experience. He is the author of many books and articles about different topics about Adobe, design and technology. Rafiq is also an Adobe community professional and manager of Adobe user group in Egypt and the founder of 3d Printing Pin http://www.3dprintingpin.com. Find more about him at http://www.rafiqelmansy.com.

Rafiq has authored 36 posts. Website: http://www.3dprintingpin.com
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Best Online Design Degree Programs

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Sep 9th 2014
Best Online Design Degree Programs

However, many students find it hard to attend university due to several obstacles such as the cost, location and time flexibility. With technology and internet available to almost everyone, providing online degrees has become available with many universities giving students a chance to attend courses from anywhere around the globe. Over the past few years the online or the distance learning education system has become very popular. Online degrees are gaining more credibility than ever before especially after top... CONTINUE READING

Exploring the New Updates in Photoshop CC 2014

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Aug 4th 2014
Exploring the New Updates in Photoshop CC 2014

Unlike the previous Adobe Creative Suite, you do not have to buy the new updated versions in DVDs anymore. As an Adobe Creative Cloud paid member, you will find the updated versions appear in the Adobe CC client in your computer toolbar. All the user needs to do is to click on the Download button to install the application directly on your system. You do not need to worry about the Windows or Mac versions anymore, as the Adobe... CONTINUE READING

How to Create Pseudo HDR Effect in Photoshop

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Jul 8th 2014
How to Create Pseudo HDR Effect in Photoshop

The technique behind the HDR images is based on taken the same shot three or more times using under-exposed value of -2, default exposure value of zero, and over exposed value of +2. The three images should be taken with the same position and other factors such as the ISO and shutter speed. Then the images are imported into Adobe Photoshop using the HDR script that merge the images in one HDR image allowing you to modify the HDR... CONTINUE READING

Five Extraordinary Artists and Their iPad Artworks

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Jun 4th 2014
Five Extraordinary Artists and Their iPad Artworks

Many hardware and software technologies have been released in the last century to help artists produce digital artwork using computers and stay on the cutting edge of the digital era in media and business. These solutions aimed to allow artists to produce artwork using digital tools similar to oil paintbrushes and drawing pencils. Yet most of these technologies struggled even when they were implemented on the professional level in studios and companies. While Wacom tablets were giving artists and... CONTINUE READING

Farewell Massimo Vignelli, One of the Design Icons of the 20th Century

By: Rafiq Elmansy on May 29th 2014
Farewell Massimo Vignelli, One of the Design Icons of the 20th Century

Vignelli was born in Milan in 1931, and he studied architecture at the Politecnico di Milano Università di Architettura and later at the Università di Architettura, Venice. Though he spent his childhood enduring the threats and bomb alarms of World War II, Vignelli believes this period helped him become a designer, because if he had been born before this time, he wouldn’t have been part of the war or the rebuilding efforts. Vignelli then met his wife, Lella, and... CONTINUE READING

20 Fresh Portfolio Designs to Spark Your Creativity

By: Rafiq Elmansy on May 28th 2014
20 Fresh Portfolio Designs to Spark Your Creativity

The portfolio is simply a medium that includes samples of previous artwork created for yourself or other clients. With the evolution of the digital era, the form of the portfolio has shifted from a traditional paper document to a more interactive website. So the question that arises here is how do you attract the client to your website? As a talented designer, that mission will be easy for you; all you need to do is create an attractive and... CONTINUE READING

15 Poster Examples that Reflect British Propaganda During World War II

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Mar 28th 2014
15 Poster Examples that Reflect British Propaganda During World War II

There are two lessons behind the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster story; the first one is the strength of the visual message, especially when the message itself has a value to the audience. Visualized messages have a better chance of enduring time and lasting for years. The second lesson is the role of design in serving public aims in times of crisis. During the World War II, both the Allies and Axis powers understood the role of media... CONTINUE READING

12 Useful Websites Where Designers Can Download Free Stock Photos

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Mar 19th 2014
12 Useful Websites Where Designers Can Download Free Stock Photos

On the other hand, some projects have such limited budgets that they cannot cover the price of stock photos. Those include personal projects and pilot projects. In these low-payment or no-payment projects, another route should be taken to find resources for the design project. Yes, it is the free route. There are many websites that provide free stock photos with different license plans. For example, some websites allow use of stock photos for both personal and commercial projects, while... CONTINUE READING

15 Creative Advertising Ideas and The Concept Behind it

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Mar 4th 2014
15 Creative Advertising Ideas and The Concept Behind it

Behind simple ideas like the ones listed below are large amounts of research and brainstorming from a large team inside the advertising agency or company. In order to create a successful advertising idea or concept for a client’s campaign, there must be stages that link the creative and marketing teams. The stages begin with planning the advertising campaign and go through the production phase, ending with research feedback from the consumers. Since this article is more concerned with featuring... CONTINUE READING

3D Printing in Photoshop CC

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Jan 31st 2014
3D Printing in Photoshop CC

As 3D printing technology evolves to become one of the most promising cutting-edge technologies in the 3D industry, it is an amazing surprise to discover that Adobe’s newly updated version of Photoshop CC supports 3D printing. Along with the new updates of Photoshop features covered in Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch’s article, “New Drool-Worthy Adobe Creative Cloud Features,” the new Photoshop CC update includes 3D printing support. The 3D printing feature allows you to print your 3D project from Photoshop with commonly... CONTINUE READING

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