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Rafiq Elmansy is designer, book author, Adobe expert and trainer with over 12 years experience. He is the author of many books and articles about different topics about Adobe, design and technology. Rafiq is also an Adobe community professional and manager of Adobe user group in Egypt and the founder of 3d Printing Pin http://www.3dprintingpin.com. Find more about him at http://www.rafiqelmansy.com.

Rafiq has authored 36 posts. Website: http://www.3dprintingpin.com
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Super Realistic Pencil Drawing Examples

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Jun 7th 2013
Super Realistic Pencil Drawing Examples

Pencil drawings depend mainly on graphite pencils that have different shapes and manufacturers, though some artists use graphite and other pencils, such as charcoal pencils in the same artwork. Generally, the materials used in pencils vary from graphite pencils, charcoal pencils, carbon pencils, colored pencils, and watercolor pencils. Before we dig into some of the most amazing pencil drawing artwork, let us learn some fun facts about pencil drawings that some of us already use without knowing the rule... CONTINUE READING

Amazing Showcase of Macro Photography

By: Rafiq Elmansy on May 6th 2013
Amazing Showcase of Macro Photography

But actually, it refers to any close-up shot even of normal size objects, such as flowers, the human eye, or tree leaves. Macro photography images are usually taken using a special macro lens that allows you to take very close shots with a normal size ratio, such as 1:1. You can also use tools such as a close-up filter and reversing rings to get a macro shot without a dedicated expensive lens. Another advantage of getting a macro lens... CONTINUE READING

Why Designers Should Learn Photography

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Apr 29th 2013
Why Designers Should Learn Photography

Somehow the two fields are connected to each other. This makes many art schools add photography courses to their design degree requirements or vice versa. In this article, I will try to explore with you if graphic designers really need to learn about photography, and I would like to hear your personal opinion and experience about graphic design and photography as linked talents. Photography In Your Design If you are a graphic designer who works in any of the... CONTINUE READING

Creative Examples of Calligraphy Art

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Apr 16th 2013
Creative Examples of Calligraphy Art

Although the shapes and glyphs of the characters are different from what we are using today, there is a reason for this change that we will discuss later, in the Calligraphy and Printing section of the article. The art of calligraphy is not limited to handwriting and written communication in letters, but it has extended to become a branch of creative artwork that modern artists use to express their talent and ideas, such as street art, graffiti, tattoo, body... CONTINUE READING

Arabic Calligraphy in Contemporary Design

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Mar 29th 2013
Arabic Calligraphy in Contemporary Design

Additionally, the calligraphers did not restrict this form of art to paper and leather either; they have extended its usage to become an essential motive of Islamic architecture in Mosques, palaces, and gardens. In order to understand the impact of Arabic calligraphy on modern artists and designers, and find out if it has a significant effect on contemporary designs, we have to go back and briefly learn about how Arabic calligraphy has developed over the last 14 centuries. When... CONTINUE READING

Paid vs. Free Software for Designers (Poll Article)

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Nov 28th 2012
Paid vs. Free Software for Designers (Poll Article)

If we did a quick survey about the most common problems designers, especially new designers have to face, we would find that the expensive price of graphic design tools and applications top the list of these complaints. Even when companies like Adobe  provide Creative Suites for more saving opportunities, they are still expensive for many designers around the world. Some designers try to overcome this problem by relying on free graphic design tools that allow them to reduce their software... CONTINUE READING

How to Create a 3D Spaceship Scene in Photoshop

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Nov 6th 2012
How to Create a 3D Spaceship Scene in Photoshop

The advanced 3D features in Photoshop can help you to create 3D scenes directly in Photoshop without having to learn complex 3D applications. These features are suitable for graphic designers and web designers who would like to build simple 3D work without leaving their favorite Photoshop application. In our previous tutorial we have learnt Building a 3D Scene in Photoshop CS6. In today’s tutorial we will continue learning about the 3D features in Photoshop and see how to create... CONTINUE READING

How to Create HTML5 Animation Using Adobe Edge

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Sep 11th 2012
How to Create HTML5 Animation Using Adobe Edge

HTML5 is a new, promising technology, especially since many see it as a powerful technology that can compete with Flash in creating interactive content, such as videos and animations. Actually, there has long been a debate about this situation and many of the technology experts think it may be the end of Flash, especially after Apple stopped developing Flash Player for mobile devices. As a Flash expert who has been using Flash for years and knows its secrets, I... CONTINUE READING

(Poll Results) Design Competitions: To Join or Not to Join?

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Aug 22nd 2012
(Poll Results) Design Competitions: To Join or Not to Join?

In our poll article that was published a couple of weeks ago, Design Competitions: To Join or Not to Join?, we were discussing design competitions and tried to discover what design students and professionals thought of design competitions. This article defined design competitions as either local or international design challenges that help to measure the talent and skills of the participants by means of judging their artwork by a professional board of jury. Many design students and professional designers... CONTINUE READING

Converting an Image into Vector Pop Art in Illustrator CS6

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Aug 13th 2012
Converting an Image into Vector Pop Art in Illustrator CS6

Unlike bitmap images, vector graphics are resolution independent, which gives a great advantage because you can resize and scale them without losing the quality of the original artwork. Adobe Illustrator is one of those applications that allow you not only to create vector graphics, but also convert bitmap images into vector-based images, using the comprehensive and enhanced image trace feature in adobe Illustrator CS6. The new image trace feature in Adobe Illustrator CS6 allows you to trace bitmap images... CONTINUE READING

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