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Tim Donnelly is the Digital Propagandist for Vitamin T - a new division of Aquent, the largest creative talent agency in the world. With Aquent for over 15 years, he’s the voice behind their Vitabites blog, as well as their emails, web pages, ads, and all cow-shaped direct mail. He loves everything graphic that is Safe For Work.

Tim has authored 2 posts. Website: http://vitamintalent.com/
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Poll Results – Should You Follow Up After Your Interview?

By: Tim Donnelly on Aug 3rd 2012
Poll Results - Should You Follow Up After Your Interview?

A few weeks ago I wrote an article and posted a poll about following up after an interview and… the results are in! A whopping 88% of those polled believed that they should follow up an interview with a thank you note or email. Which is a number we were happy to hear. Because of the experience at our talent agency, the response to that poll question hovers right around 100%. (In other words, we think it’s a great... CONTINUE READING

Following Up After An Interview: A Good Thing or a Stalking Thing? (Poll Article)

By: Tim Donnelly on Jul 3rd 2012
Following Up After An Interview: A Good Thing or a Stalking Thing? (Poll Article)

You shake the Creative Director’s hand and turn around to leave his amazing corner office. You did it. You nailed your interview for a graphic design job at the coolest company you’ve ever seen. Suddenly while you’re getting your parking validated you think to yourself, “Should I send a thank you note?” And you find yourself at a crossroads. Maybe the same one you’ve experienced after every interview. Is following up after an interview an archaic practice to be... CONTINUE READING

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