Soft Launch of

By: Julia Wild on Apr 17th 2012
Soft Launch of

It’s still a work in progress but the new is officially live and, wow, how much better does it look now? Thanks to a very enthusiastic and helpful advisory board and team here at we hope to serve the graphic design industry in a positive way. has been under development for a while now. As a leading source of news and information devoted entirely to the graphic design industry as well as featuring a directory of... CONTINUE READING Welcomes David Hong as a Featured Writer

By: GD Staff on Apr 11th 2012 Welcomes David Hong as a Featured Writer

David Hong, owner and founder of Pneuma Design, is a motion graphics and visual effects artist with 9 years of experience in the industry. He believes stories have the power to carry a brand’s message in a clear, consistent, and compelling manner. Stories not only drive brand distinction, but also provide a means for a company to engage its employees and electrify audiences. Whether he’s crafting a show package, rebranding a network, or building a startup, the brand story... CONTINUE READING Welcomes Kelly Moeller as a Featured Writer

By: GD Staff on Apr 3rd 2012 Welcomes Kelly Moeller as a Featured Writer

Kelly is the Boston Team Manager of Vitamin T – a new division of Aquent, the largest creative talent agency in the world. As a tenured Agent and Talent Recruiter with 10 years of making great connections happen, Kelly is an advocate, a matchmaker, a bundle of energy, a storyteller – and most importantly a relationship builder. Prior to joining Vitamin T/Aquent, Kelly finished her Master’s of Science in International Relations and Comparative Politics and contributed as an author... CONTINUE READING

HOW Design Conference 2012

By: Julia Wild on Apr 1st 2012
HOW Design Conference 2012

With the HOW Design Conference coming up, I thought I’d find out a little more about the event. There are a total of four events that take place concurrently over a period of 4 days. But which one should one attend? Or is it worth attending all four? Ilise Benun, owner of and national speaker / founder of the Creative Freelancer Conference (with HOW magazine) and SueAnn Stein, Marketing Manager of HowDesign Live, tell me all about it…... CONTINUE READING

Susie Hall Joins as an Advisory Board Member

By: GD Staff on Mar 30th 2012
Susie Hall Joins as an Advisory Board Member

Susie is the president of Vitamin T, a new division of Aquent, the largest creative talent agency in the world. She has worked with creatives for over 12 years helping build careers, restructure departments and solve business problems for huge brands and small businesses throughout North America. Over a dozen years ago Susie joined Aquent as an Interactive Agent – just in time for the explosion of interactive technology that continues today. She’s held a variety of leadership roles... CONTINUE READING

Interview with DeeDee Gordon from Sterling Brands. Sneak Peek of the the-Collaboratory Re-Design!

By: Julia Wild on Mar 27th 2012
Interview with DeeDee Gordon from Sterling Brands. Sneak Peek of the the-Collaboratory Re-Design!

Q: So DeeDee, you are renowned as a youth-culture expert and trend researcher. How and when did it all start? A: When I was younger I started consulting with a number of companies selling trends. I realized that these companies and brands didnʼt have a lot of accurate information about what was happening in youth culture. At the time, there was a huge need gap for information like this. Thatʼs how the light bulb initially went off for me.... CONTINUE READING Welcomes Jared Braverman to our Advisory Board

By: GD Staff on Mar 27th 2012 Welcomes Jared Braverman to our Advisory Board

Jared Braverman heads the Creative Department at Titan List & Mailing, a leading direct mail advertising firm in the United States. As Creative Director and SEO, he facilitates design for a variety of ad campaigns that reach millions of businesses and consumers every month. He specializes in designing advertisements, logos and identity branding, websites, and serves as a consultant for internet marketing and SEO. He has worked in the print advertising and technology sectors for over a decade, beginning... CONTINUE READING

Exciting Times at – Advisory Board growing and next the site re-design!

By: Julia Wild on Mar 7th 2012
graphic design default

It has been an exciting couple of weeks here at! The Advisory Board is coming on amazingly well. With an enthusiastic team of people and with them coming from different areas of expertise it’s time for us to start the listening. You will have noticed on this blog that we recently introduced a few of our newest board members including Debbie Millman, kHyal, Ilise Benun, Karl Heine, Von Glitschka and Ilene Strizver. Now with over 20 members... CONTINUE READING

Employment Growth for Graphic Designers

By: Julia Wild on Feb 24th 2012
graphic design default

Graphic Designers will be pleased to hear that employment within their field is expected to increase by 13% from 2008 to 2018. With half a million jobs in the public relations, advertising and graphic design industry and elevated wages it seems that graphic designers are in a good position. If you have not already read’s latest press release you can read it HERE. Not only does it give you a good overview of the current employment situation but... CONTINUE READING

kHyal Joins as an Advisory Board Member

By: GD Staff on Feb 20th 2012
kHyal Joins as an Advisory Board Member

kHyal is a technology, fashion and street art obsessed – award-winning designer, creative director, writer and marketing consultant. In 2007, she founded fiZz Agency, a future-focused boutique marketing and communication design firm. kHyal co-founded PUSH Workshops in 2007, talentEd in 2008, DesignerGrill in 2009, PUSH Design Camp in 2010 and the Fairfield County Adobe Users Group in 2011. She is the creator of The Weather sKwirl and BlipWorld. kHyal designs one-of-kind upcycled apparel and accessories under the name kHyal... CONTINUE READING

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