Three Graphic Design Trends For 2012

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Jan 6th 2012
Three Graphic Design Trends For 2012

Although I’ve never been known for being ahead of the curve, with all the 2012 predictions going around I felt I’d be remiss not to share some of my own. So for better or worse, here are my top three trends to welcome in the first week of the new year. Enjoy! 1. ARTIST AS ENTREPRENEUR: Whether due to the much storied “broken” advertising agency model, poor economic outlook, lowered barriers to entry or a combination of factors, this... CONTINUE READING Welcomes Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch as a News Correspondent

By: GD Staff on Dec 30th 2011 Welcomes Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch as a News Correspondent

Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch is a freelance graphic designer and owner of NSG Design, based in Hoboken, New Jersey. She has over ten years of experience in design working on projects ranging from UX, mobile app and site design to print advertising and promotion. Over the course of her career, she has worked with individual, corporate and non profit clients in multiple industries; including healthcare, consumer packaged goods, fashion and publishing. She is Communications/Marketing Vice-Chair for New York University’s Graphic Communications... CONTINUE READING Welcomes Jo Gifford as a News Correspondent

By: GD Staff on Dec 28th 2011 Welcomes Jo Gifford as a News Correspondent

Jo Gifford is a designer, writer, blogger and founder of Cherry Sorbet Creative. With 15 years experience in graphic design in the hair, beauty and lifestyle industries working with a diverse range of clients her portfolio career continues to evolve, which is just how she likes it. As a designer Jo, art directs and project manages a team of co-workers, and is most in her element when running a brainstorming session or one of her many workshops hosted by... CONTINUE READING

James George Joins as a Featured Contributor

By: GD Staff on Dec 28th 2011
James George Joins as a Featured Contributor

James George is a graphic designer, web designer and writer from Knoxville, Tennessee. Graduating with a BS from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, James has been designing for print and the web for the last 6 years. James is an expert in print and web design, creating logos, printed materials, identities and websites that his clients can be proud of. With his love and dedication to the field of design, he launched Creative Beacon, so that he could help... CONTINUE READING Welcomes Matt Cannon as a News Correspondent

By: GD Staff on Dec 20th 2011 Welcomes Matt Cannon as a News Correspondent

Matt Cannon is a Freelance Graphic Designer & Creative Director living in Brooklyn, NY. He was born with a computer mouse in hand and hasn’t put it down since. He has over 10 years of experience designing strong, effective corporate brand identity and specializes in website composites, logos, print and brainstorming and designing user interfaces for web and mobile environments. He always aims to create out of the box experiences when approaching creative projects rather than in-the-box, template based... CONTINUE READING Welcomes Nathaniel Coalson as a Featured Contributor

By: GD Staff on Dec 19th 2011 Welcomes Nathaniel Coalson as a Featured Contributor

Nathaniel Coalson is a nature, travel and fine art photographer and mixed media fine artist based in Leicester, England and Denver, Colorado. Nat has worked professionally in the arts and photography, digital imaging and printing since 1987. Prior to his current career as a professional photographer, Nat worked for over 15 years as a graphic designer in print and web. His work has been exhibited extensively, received numerous awards and is held in private and corporate collections. Nat is... CONTINUE READING Welcomes Dave Bricker as a Featured Contributor

By: GD Staff on Dec 12th 2011 Welcomes Dave Bricker as a Featured Contributor

Dave Bricker, MFA is professor of graphic design in Miami, Florida, an author, a musician, an interactive developer and a designer of both print and interactive content. He produces rich, experiential websites that are “a little different,” and provides marketing consultation to clients with vision, integrity and excellent offerings. He enjoys projects that “everyone says are impossible.” An avid guitar player with a minor in jazz guitar, he has worked with some of the World’s premier instrument makers and... CONTINUE READING Welcomes Mirko Humbert as a Featured Contributor

By: GD Staff on Nov 23rd 2011 Welcomes Mirko Humbert as a Featured Contributor

Mirko Humbert has been working as a freelance writer for more than 7 years. After graduating from the ERACOM, a leading Graphic Design and Arts institute located in Lausanne Switzerland, he immediately went on to pursue his passion as a writer. He first worked in his small hometown where he grew up in Fribourg Switzerland. Later on he had an opportunity to relocate to the beautiful and exotic city of Dali in the south of China, where he enjoyed... CONTINUE READING

Terran Marketing announces official launch of

By: Michael Jackness on Oct 29th 2011
Terran Marketing announces official launch of

Terran Marketing announced today the official launch of, a website dedicated to creative professionals. The new has been under development since July 2011 when Terran Marketing announced the purchase. Focused on providing the highest quality and most comprehensive resources for design professionals and those seeking graphic design services, features local search capability on a national directory of graphic design firms, education options for those seeking a career in graphic design, and a job placement board dedicated... CONTINUE READING

The Impact of Gorillaz

By: Michael Jackness on Oct 23rd 2011
The Impact of Gorillaz

Graphic design influences all areas of the arts world. In the music sphere, many bands incorporate significant amounts of graphic design as part of their albums, promotions and on stage performances. The images help to project and complement the musical contributions of the artists. One example of a band that has had a ground breaking and influential use of graphic design in their work has been the English musical project known as Gorillaz. Gorillaz Formed in 1998 by Damon... CONTINUE READING

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