Book Review: Design By Nature by Maggie Macnab
Author: Maggie Macnab

Type: Graphic Design
# of pages: 312
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Mother Nature is an extraordinary designer. She blends form and function in efficient ways to create structures that simply work. It’s evident in everything from the classic nautilus shell to honeycombs to the delicate form of snowflakes and so much more.

In Design By Nature, noted designer, author and educator, Maggie Macnab, brings this to our attention. But, she also reminds us that we, as humans, are also a part of it. These patterns are planted deep within our psyche and we often, unconsciously, associate them with emotions. However, living in a modern world, many of us have disconnected with Nature and forgotten to see and appreciate what’s in front of us, or sometimes just below the surface.

As Maggie notes, people know these things intuitively. Design By Nature brings them to the forefront, providing designers with clearer understanding of the world around them. This understanding is a powerful tool for developing sound solutions to client problems.

When designers have a reawakening to the geometry of the natural world, it not only helps them do a better job, but also become better communicators. This can go a long way toward creating more emotionally-based design that resonates with the audience.

Beyond this, Macnab demonstrates Nature’s impact on our man-made world through its influence on science and technology, art and architecture, economics and more.

Design By Nature also features thought-provoking insights by several well-known and highly respected designers. In addition, the book offers up many hands-on exercises that will help readers digest the concepts and prepared to put them into action.

The book promises to be an inspirational staple in every designer’s library.