Book Review for Flaunt: Designing Effective, Compelling  and Memorable Portfolios of Creative Work

Type: Graphic Design
# of pages: 136
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A portfolio is a compilation of your personal design materials and works. Your portfolio contents show your beliefs, your skills and qualifications, your education and training, and of course your personal experience. “The portfolio irrevocably becomes an object brimming with potential, yet burdened with hope; it acts as intermediary between our work, personality, and the possible, always uncertain, future.” Your portfolio represents your personality and professionalism. The time and effort put into your portfolio is a direct correlation to your organizational and professional design skills as well as your hope and desire for future employment.

Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit, co-authors of Flaunt: Designing Effective, Compelling and Memorable Portfolios of Creative Work, clearly have a passion for portfolio design and have a desire to reach all designers and exclaim the importance of portfolios. Many times designers overlook the need to present their portfolios in a unique and creative manner believing their work alone is good enough to land them the job of their dreams. In reality, your portfolio design and presentation should be extraordinary and make a lasting impression; otherwise it may never be opened. If your portfolio is one of hundreds, the outside alone needs to be original and distinctive from the others to make professionals WANT to review your portfolio in its entirety. The inside should be equally as original and exceptional. It should leave a lasting impression and make them want more of your work.

This book contains 41 case studies and assorted portfolio creations. Through interviews with the designers, each collection discloses the exact need for the portfolio, the inspiration for the design, and the process and solution for each portfolio creation. Each case study also includes a breakdown of the materials and prices. The authors have included a multitude of photos for each creation detailing step by step each portfolios construction.

Strategically placed throughout the book are interviews with 17 design and education professionals. These interviews are a tell-all for upcoming designers to learn from; their expertise and opinions are a huge asset for your product portfolio. They share how they personally review portfolios, how they conduct interviews, their expectations for students and potential employees, common mistakes to avoid, what to eliminate from your portfolio, and what to definitely include.

In addition, surveys were conducted online for both designers showcasing their portfolios in interviews and for those reviewing portfolios of prospective employees. These survey results are scattered throughout the book to help interviewers and interviewees cross-compare what is preferable during the interview process.

Designs change, typography experiences updates, and of course over time we hope to have improved our designing skills. With these ever-changing factors, our portfolios should always be changing to show our current design creations. We should always be looking for new and improved ways to keep our portfolios updated.

The authors have written this book about portfolio design and presentation to change the mindset about the importance of portfolios. This is the first work your potential employers or clients will see and your goal should be to leave them in awe. This book is geared for design students and new graduates, for freelance and independent designers, for photographers and illustrators, or anyone needing a design portfolio. The layout of the book and images shown to depict portfolios with positive results are outstanding! I especially love that the book is self-published and available via PDF. Just another indication that proves the authors’ true intent and desire is to help designers succeed in their career.