Social Media in Business
Author: Steve Nicholls

Type: Marketing
# of pages: 250
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Do you check-in at work? Tweet your latest business plan? Post job openings to your status feed? Social media is everywhere and it isn’t an option in today’s business environment. Social media is an overall general term used for social interaction via the World Wide Web. This interactive environment is ever-growing and ever-changing and it’s exceptionally important for business owners and managers to stay atop the latest trends and know how to utilize social media for the benefit and growth of their companies, and to do so before their competitors figure it out first. Nicholls states, “Social media is a people issue; the technology is the enabler.” Social media interaction is everywhere people are; people communicate and collaborate online all day long through their smartphones, tablets, computers, and even streamlining the internet through TVs. Businesses need to take advantage of their customer’s web presence and join the collaborating community.

Steve Nicholls writes in his new book Social Media in Business about the amazing opportunities and benefits of social media and how businesses can get started in utilizing those resources. He writes the book as a business guide for business owners and managers. He presents the opportunities for businesses, the risks and solutions, and provides an outline for social media implementation. He explains the background of social media and the role society plays online and even lists the top sixteen web applications available today that businesses can use for their production gain.

Nicholls writes that an online presence for your business offers four opportunities – communication, communities, collective intelligence, and collaboration. These components individually and together increase your businesses visibility on the internet and helps businesses gain access to customers, suppliers, and clients. A web presence creates a sense of value for individuals as well as your customers, and provides your company with enhanced tools for marketing. Learn how to communicate with customers and clients through sharing and broadcasting media through the popular social media sites, gain knowledge of the many social communities and markets for e-commerce success, collaborate projects through different online platforms, and collect intelligence information by way of discussion sites and information pages.

Businesses will learn how to apply clear social media guidelines and how to add social media as part of a business plan. Nicholls provides the top challenges a web presence can present for businesses and individual users and how to avoid them before they become a problem. Businesses need to uphold their reputation, learn how to manage time online, and ensure security is always in place.

Nicholls suggests the 3-CORE Project Success System which contains these elements for managing social media:

  • Business Environment – Making sure your employees know the context of the project and have all the skills necessary to implement social media into the business plan
  • Project Stages – Strategically placing stages for team communication about implementation of a project
  • Project Development Cycle – The process of planning and implementing phases and then using those plans to manage and control the project

The book includes several Case Studies that Nicholls uses to prove the successes of social media for a particular businesses as well as visual references to better understand the overall goal for each strategy. He also provides a bullet-point list of Take Away Points at the end of each chapter. This book is not a reference guide for the individual social media platforms and Nicholls makes it clear that the process of integrating and implementing social media in your business marketing plans takes time and patience. This book is merely a business guide to the implementation of social media. Nicholls affirms, “Have no doubt, this is a revolution…. We have to embrace social media because we cannot stop it.”

This book is a wonderful edition to any business who is interested in and needing to employ social media within their business plans.