Vector Basic Training

Type: Graphic Design
# of pages: 256
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Often times, creating vector art is one of the most problematic and difficult process for any professional. In his book, Vector Basic Training, acclaimed illustrator Sgt. Von Glitschka gives a detailed approach to creating the vector designs you aspire to showcase. The book assumes you have a general understanding of vector art and are looking to improve your vector skills as a designer or illustrator; it does not go through every tool to building vector art. Glitschka uses creative, thorough methodology in the process of creating vector art and states his reasoning for each applied step. The objective of the book is to help artists construct vector artwork more precisely and encourage all artists, students and seasoned professionals alike, to DRAW. During the process, he takes you back and forth from analog and digital techniques to create your desired vector forms. This book is not software dependent; artists can use these universal principles with any vector software of their choice.

Beginning with the organic form of artwork, Glitschka uses the pencil-in-hand method and teaches his readers to go back to doodling on the sketchpad. Yes, the old fashioned pencil and paper that all artists started with! In today’s ever-growing design industry, there are two types of skills necessary for successful artists – the ability to actually design and the ability to use computer software to enhance the look of your design. Both are necessary skills for success. Glitschka bridges these two skills together in his book. Anchor points, paths, and Bezier curves are all fundamentals in vector artwork that ensure your paths are constructed precisely and modestly. The core of these techniques, help the later editing and refinement process a bit more calm.

In this book, design artists will learn:

  • The 12 core disciplines of design in the project process to create specific vector shapes and designs.
  • “The Clockwork Method” that helps artists to really look at their designs in the raw form and know where to place the curves.
  • How to look at their design and learn exactly where to place those anchor points one point at a time using the “Prime Point Placement”.
  • How to build complex shapes and apply suggested plugins with the “Point-by-Point Method” or the “Shape-Building Method” and when to apply which method.
  • How to art direct and critique your own artwork. Artists will also learn how to view their project with fresh eyes and to recognize and avoid visual tensions.
  • How to work with symmetry and use it constructively for the benefit of your creative project.
  • Good creative habits and the importance of doodle binders, layers, colors and file naming, and practice.

Sgt. Glitschka believes “process makes perfect”. He reminds his readers to care about their illustrations and that the “close enough is good enough” attitude will not create unique artwork and your skills will never improve. The book is compact in size but packed with tried and proven techniques that take your inspired work to the next level. Glitschka provides insightful and personal Field Notes throughout the book, suggested plugins for time-efficiency, (good and bad) visual demonstrations in the book, and a DVD-ROM that shows you real-time methods from Sgt. Glitschka himself. Glitschka says it well, “Combine improved drawing skills with the vector build methods in this book, and you will definitely execute better artwork with more precision.” This book is a must-have for all designers and illustrators who want to create unique vector artwork and stand above other artists.