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Want to be part of student council in conjunction with We are taking applications for members to participate. If you are serious about wanting to kickstart your creative career then this is the opportunity for you…

If interested, email Julia (julia at graphicdesign dot com) and marc (marc at creativeinterns dot com) for a phone interview. Please email us with your resume and tell us a little bit about yourself!

What is the role or purpose of the student council?

Although there are many options it is important that there is a clearly defined purpose of the student council. Here is a list of some possible ideas and questions to be discussed with student council candidates:

Aim Of Student Council
• To get advice from the students that helps in growing and developing the site into a student-friendly portal
• To get recommendations on areas that are missing online for students
• To give the student population a “voice” on and
• To give administrative authorities to students for help manage the open and closed communication channels “student council groups”
• To build student leadership skills and resume experience by having positions such as: President, Vice-President, Community Managers, Council Contributors, Council Members
• To socialize, assist and connect with other students from other colleges

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What Students Will Get In Return

Students are not going to be part of this council for free. Our aim is of course to get your advice and have you actively participate in growing and developing the site into the student design portal on the net. Here are some things we discussed in terms of what students would get in return:

1) Stipends for contributions and/or completion bonus for 6 months of service

2) Student Council Page on with short bio including links to your portfolio/ website/ projects

2) Opportunity to write for us for pay (once again links to your portfolio/website/ projects in your short bio at the end of every article they write)

3) Introduction (longer bio) via our blog

4) Potentially we pay for or tutorials or entrance to certain events. It was also suggested that we get some press passes for some of the events and have a student cover the event giving our readers a students’ perspective of different events.

5) For those who really do show determination and put a lot of effort into the council we could do more. We could have “student council member of the year” where we give the person a pass to a major design related conference or something of similar value.

6) We may give students a chance to “win” or get utilities to help with design projects: Like winning a tutorial book for a program, a design book, gift card for to help students get the books needed for a class, etc.

7) Student Council Members will receive notification of special vendor discounts, internship opportunities, event invites and networking opportunities through CreativeVillage NYC Meetup and

8) Student Council Members can be interviewed and featured by in order to raise your visibility for employment opportunities.

9) Student Council Members who fulfill their commitment can build their network of creative professionals by becoming co-organizers or creative contributors with Creative Village NYC Meetup or

10) Student Council Members can build their resumes by acting as Ambassadors on their campus for Opportunities to contribute their career search experiences to our blog or community or manage a creative group. Receive opportunities to host Marc Scoleri, CEO of and other partners to come to their campus for creative and career development related seminars.

If you are a student and this sounds like sounds like something that you think you would like to be part of then please get in touch! We would love to hear from you.