Style Media Gets a Brand Facelift

By: Matt Cannon on Aug 23rd 2012
Style Media Gets a Brand Facelift

Style Media, a global multimedia company that includes Style and, is the destination for women 18-49 seeking to fuel their insatiable appetite for looking great and living stylishly. Style currently counts nearly 78 million cable and satellite subscribers and is the fastest growing women’s network in the U.S. MyStyle keeps women up-to-date on all of the latest fashion and beauty news on the web. Style Media announced today plans to refresh the network’s brand and image across all... CONTINUE READING

Chuck E. Cheese’s Rocks a New Design

By: Matt Cannon on Aug 15th 2012
Chuck E. Cheese's Rocks a New Design

The First Chuck E. Cheese’s opened in San Jose, CA in 1977. Back then it was known as Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre. The Founder, Nolan Bushnell was also the engineer and entrepreneur who founded Atari, Inc. He also is responsible for the design of the original mascot. The original name of the franchise was to be called Rick Rats Pizza but the company’s PR Firm didn’t think a rat would make a comforting mascot in a Pizza... CONTINUE READING

Top 10 Text Only Logos of All Time

By: Matt Cannon on Aug 10th 2012
Top 10 Text Only Logos of All Time

The minimalist approach can go a long way, especially when you have a text only logo, meaning that it is free of any emblem or other distinct pictorial element. Text only logos can also include a lettermark. A good example would be the McDonald’s “M”. According to DesignCrowd, 8 of the top 10 brands - from Interbrand's Top 100 brands of the world 2009 - use a simple wordmark or lettermark logo. Also 51 of the top 100 brands... CONTINUE READING

8 Signs That It’s Time To Rebrand Your Company

By: Matt Cannon on Aug 7th 2012
8 Signs That It’s Time To Rebrand Your Company

Many organizations expire past their shelf life without even realizing it. Whether it’s because your brand is simply outdated, or an element of negative culture is associated with your brand, there is no question that rebranding can be the most important move towards a better future for the company. If you fit into any of the below, then it’s probably time to start thinking about rebranding. 1. Generic City It’s a competitive world, it’s important to stand out and... CONTINUE READING

J.B Chaykowsky Designs Spectacular New Branding for Taco Joint

By: Helena Wilson Beevers on Aug 1st 2012
J.B Chaykowsky Designs Spectacular New Branding for Taco Joint

As seen on Art of the Menu, J.B Chaykowsky has designed spectacular new branding for Taco Joint. J.B.Chaykowsky describes himself as a “multi-disciplinary designer”, whose expertise lies in branding, both in terms of environment and experience. The man behind numerous exciting projects, all of which are referred to in his blog, is also responsible for the re-branding of Taco Joint. This is a mission of which Art of the Menu proclaim “with a fun, handmade aesthetic and exclamation points... CONTINUE READING

The 10 Best Logo Redesigns of 2012 (So Far)

By: Mirko Humbert on Jul 27th 2012
The 10 Best Logo Redesigns of 2012 (So Far)

It is a difficult task for big, well-established brands to makes changes to their visual identity. Users of their products have their habits, and change is rarely welcome by them, thus large corporations have to be extra careful when redesigning their logo. The logos that were chosen for this article have sometimes been heavily criticized when released, despite being great rebranding, proving further that even a great redesign might not be good enough for the brand’s users. The DC... CONTINUE READING

Design Inspiration: The Graphic Duo Behind Organic Brand Pipcorn

By: Helena Wilson Beevers on Jul 26th 2012
Design Inspiration: The Graphic Duo Behind Organic Brand Pipcorn

As reported by Lovely Package, graphic designers Freddy Taylor and Noah Collin have created a range of bold brand packaging for Pipcorn, the first product from US company Pipsnacks. Using the American grocery bag as a central theme, Taylor and Collin’s work intends to mirror the natural elements of the product using simplistic yet strong imagery. Hand-stamped in an assortment of colors, this definitive style is designed to reflect the organic methods of the New York City-based snack food... CONTINUE READING

San Francisco MTA’s Logo Finds a New Method

By: Matt Cannon on Jul 19th 2012
San Francisco MTA’s Logo Finds a New Method

The gorgeous new San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency logo was recently introduced. The logo was surprisingly done in a contest format, but with a limit of contestants. Paul Miller’s design was selected over 45 others and was organized by ImproveSF, Mayor Ed Lee’s program that lets creative individuals help the Government. You usually think of college students when you think of someone entering a design contest, but Miller is no stranger as he is the Creative Director of Method... CONTINUE READING

The Graphics Behind the Olympics: LOCOG Design Team Gives CR an Exclusive Tour of Olympic Park

By: Jo Gifford on Jul 17th 2012
The Graphics Behind the Olympics: LOCOG Design Team Gives CR an Exclusive Tour of Olympic Park

The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) design team have offered Creative Review an exclusive glimpse of the Olympic Park with an all-inclusive tour. Providing an opportunity to explore the installation of thousands of graphic elements, it is details such as these that encompass the look of the 2012 Games. The LOCOG, led by Chair Seb Coe and Chief Executive Paul Deighton, is responsible for organizing, preparing and staging the London 2012 Olympic Games. There... CONTINUE READING

What’s the Best Way to Build an Online Graphic Design Portfolio? (Poll Article)

By: Christine Medley on Jul 16th 2012
What’s the Best Way to Build an Online Graphic Design Portfolio? (Poll Article)

Needing a professional well-designed online portfolio is a must for graphic designers—which, of course is not news to anyone in the field—but what is the best way to make one? That’s where the confusion begins. There are so many ways to build and host a site, that with new software, updates and portfolio sites seemingly appearing every day, it makes it very confusing on which is the best one to use. What’s out there? An overwhelming amount of choices,... CONTINUE READING

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