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Top 10 Text Only Logos of All Time

By: Matt Cannon on Aug 10th 2012
Top 10 Text Only Logos of All Time

The minimalist approach can go a long way, especially when you have a text only logo, meaning that it is free of any emblem or other distinct pictorial element. Text only logos can also include a lettermark. A good example would be the McDonald’s “M”. According to DesignCrowd, 8 of the top 10 brands - from Interbrand's Top 100 brands of the world 2009 - use a simple wordmark or lettermark logo. Also 51 of the top 100 brands... CONTINUE READING

Portfolio Best Practices (Poll Article)

By: Dave Gorum on Aug 6th 2012
Portfolio Best Practices (Poll Article)

It’s 8pm on a Friday and I’ve just looked through what feels like 200 billion (but is more likely about 45) of the most mind-numbingly bad portfolios ever to be submitted for a design position. When I started this process, it was 5pm on a Friday and the foolish me of two hours ago was brimming with optimism at the promise of finding a dream designer and leaving the office early. Then it was 7pm and the parade of... CONTINUE READING

Poll Results – Should You Follow Up After Your Interview?

By: Tim Donnelly on Aug 3rd 2012
Poll Results - Should You Follow Up After Your Interview?

A few weeks ago I wrote an article and posted a poll about following up after an interview and… the results are in! A whopping 88% of those polled believed that they should follow up an interview with a thank you note or email. Which is a number we were happy to hear. Because of the experience at our talent agency, the response to that poll question hovers right around 100%. (In other words, we think it’s a great... CONTINUE READING

So Nice They’re Doing it Twice: Behance Portfolio Review Week Part Deux

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Aug 2nd 2012
So Nice They’re Doing it Twice: Behance Portfolio Review Week Part Deux

Who says there are no second chances? For those who may have missed it the first time, Behance Portfolio Review Week is back! In May 2012, online creative platform Behance held its first ever Portfolio Review Week, where Behance members who may have only met previously online, gathered over seven days to “present and get feedback on their work, hear from experienced professionals, and meet their local creative community.” With over 153 reviews held in 43 countries around the... CONTINUE READING

Typographic Details Matter – A 10 Point Checklist for Your Next Design Project

By: Denise Bosler on Jul 31st 2012
Typographic Details Matter - A 10 Point Checklist for Your Next Design Project

Everyday I drive past a terribly offensive sign. It reads “Shaner’s.” The name of the business hardly offends me. It’s the prime mark holding the space where a smart (curly) apostrophe should be that sets me over the edge. It drives me absolutely crazy and got me to thinking. How much time do designers spend on choosing the best colors for a design job? Picking the perfect picture? Choosing the right font? Most designers agonize over these decisions. Of... CONTINUE READING

Home Office, Not Homework (Poll Article)

By: Sheana Firth on Jul 30th 2012
Home Office, Not Homework (Poll Article)

Many professional and freelance designers work from home: perhaps due to familial or personal restrictions, perhaps because the commute to the company office is too far, or perhaps that’s just the way they like it. Whatever the reason, once a designer finds his or herself in a situation where work is performed under the same roof as laundry, a few small actions can make all the difference in maintaining a healthy life-work balance and not getting caught doing homework.... CONTINUE READING

The 10 Best Logo Redesigns of 2012 (So Far)

By: Mirko Humbert on Jul 27th 2012
The 10 Best Logo Redesigns of 2012 (So Far)

It is a difficult task for big, well-established brands to makes changes to their visual identity. Users of their products have their habits, and change is rarely welcome by them, thus large corporations have to be extra careful when redesigning their logo. The logos that were chosen for this article have sometimes been heavily criticized when released, despite being great rebranding, proving further that even a great redesign might not be good enough for the brand’s users. The DC... CONTINUE READING

99% Invisible: A Highly Addictive Podcast About Design

By: Evan Johnston on Jul 26th 2012
99% Invisible: A Highly Addictive Podcast About Design

The challenge in doing an audio broadcast about graphic design is that you can’t see it. But 99% Invisible, the bi-weekly podcast by Roman Mars, makes seeing design irrelevant. Using a voice-inside-your-head narration, Mars talks about the design of cities, of currency, copyright—huge topics that you could only begin to cover in a book or a lecture. But rather than trying to bring textbooks to life, Mars talks about how the design affects people personally—and finds interesting people to... CONTINUE READING

10 Design Leadership Lessons: Planning Your Future

By: Ted Leonhardt on Jul 25th 2012
10 Design Leadership Lessons: Planning Your Future

My first job out of art school was as a “design illustrator” with the Boeing Company design group. At least I was getting paid to design but almost immediately began looking for a position that would offer more opportunity to grow. I knew what I needed: • A connection to the larger professional community. • A design consultancy with some renown. • A place that challenged me to develop my skills. At Boeing my skills got a real workout... CONTINUE READING

Design Competitions: To Join or Not to Join? (Poll Article)

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Jul 23rd 2012
Design Competitions: To Join or Not to Join? (Poll Article)

There is no doubt that designers are always looking for challenges to prove their talent and excellence in the industry. Design competitions are one of those opportunities that allow both students and professionals to compete with others on a domestic or international level. In our debate today, we will discuss the different ideas about design competitions and if they are really worth the time and effort, or just a waste of time. While many designers are eager to take... CONTINUE READING

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